How many ways to enjoy Cricket

29 Jul

How many ways can you enjoy Cricket ?

Really, very interesting question! I mean generally this apply to many sports but since Cricket being my favorite sport, I would like to enlighten some ways you can enjoy Cricket.

1) You become a professional Cricketer. Play Cricket for your country, self, and your family.

2) You become a Coach, and teach how Cricket is played, and tell them what you couldn’t do in your Cricket Career.

3) You become a writer, and write books, article, etc. using magical wand.

4) You become administrator of Cricket, and organize cricket tournaments.

5) You become a spectator and watch Cricket in stadium, through TV, etc.

6) You become a commentator and discuss Live how Cricketers are playing Cricket.

7) etc.

But we all know this, there is nothing new in this. This is how sports played, and how we share Big Cricket pie but there are few more hidden people who appreciate Cricket because they earn their living from it.


a guy who sell food products on ground, an ice-cream vendor, pitch curator, grass seed provider, flood light guy, stadium constructor worker, a factory/mill labor guy who makes Cricket bats/bowls, physio who ran with magic spray with ethyl chloride, sunscreen lotion companies, deodorant companies, food maker of players, a guy who sell software to scorer, a guy who registered numbers, Sun glass dealer who sell their glasses to Cricketers so they protect their eyes or look cool, Shoe companies, Cricket gee companies, a guy with stroller who sell tea/coffee, drinks, companies selling energy drinks to Cricket team, a security guard, air plane companies who carry cricketers over seas, Cricketer’s managers who take care of Visa and passport for Cricketers, a photographer who is waiting for someone who will be interested in buying a snap he/she took, a bus driver who carries cricketer from an airport to hotel, a hotel coolie who will carry cricketers bag to his/her room and waiting for tip, gym companies, where cricketer like to go and bulk up, a company who provides white powder so we can make Cricket crease, a government tax man, who keep a track of how much cricketers are earning, and how much they should tax them, a charter accountant who keeps track of players income, a volunteer kid who is standing around cricket ground, so the bowl come to him/her when 4 is scored, and he always forget that there will be awkward bounce when bowl will touch to rope and climb and that kid will be surprised every time when ever bowl will touch the rope and every time his eye will lit up and will enjoy that moment, etc. etc. etc. I missed many many many hidden people who share this big pie of Cricket.

So, next time when you think about ruining Cricket.

Think Again.


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