The Tragedy of Batting 2nd on PooPy pitch

29 Jul

Ok we are witnessing the cheating by Lankan curators right now.

Lankans are 1-0 and this 2nd test match will be another draw among many in Srilanka.

This is terrible ploy by home team, I want result in Test Cricket.

Result in Test match is very much depend on team who bat 2nd.

Especially, if you are batting on PooPy Pitch.

When you score runs in Poopy Pitch everyone is pissed, upset and question

why why why its unfair, and its death certificate to immature bowlers.

So, when you score runs batting 2nd chasing >600 , it looks b.s. and unnecessary.

We will say ohh come on its shit track even my unofficial unborn child will score runs on it.

When you don’t score runs, batting 2nd, people say hey how idiot you have to not be able to score runs in shit pitch.

So, its Loose Loose situation.

You score runs, its bull shit, because you suppose to score runs in Shit Pitch

When you don’t score runs, its even bigger turd, because how you failed to score runs in Poop Pitch.

Its Terrible feeling.

So, I request every Cricket Board, please be fair. Its ugly ploy everyone can see. If you want to win first test and then make a shit pitch to draw out rest of the series is coward way to do it.

In ODI when you out score mammoth of runs in Shit pitch (SA chasing 437, India’s Netwest chase etc. ) we still feel surprised and happy.

But in Test, people evaluate awfully.

“Aaah come on, it was poop pitch, they suppose to score runs”

But what if we don’t score in Shit Pitches batting 2nd ?

We loose a Test Match !


2 Responses to “The Tragedy of Batting 2nd on PooPy pitch”

  1. KK August 2, 2010 at 4:54 am #

    needs to win the toss & bat first & make merry of batting first.. dhoni’s toss luck 7 n a row he is losing!!!!!!! unbeleavable.. there should be ideal pitch where 100-150-200 all out won’t happen & niether 500+ or 600+ happen.. should score around 300-350 & batting second should score anywhere close to that mark as well & needs finally in the 4th innings to win around 175-250 with enough time in hand to win, say about a day which assures a result.. not like 80 all out or 88 all out or 600/4 dec,, bullshit

    • Cricket With Poop August 2, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

      Yeh tell me about it, if they continue like this, its going to harm lot of things. Well, we can’t control the outcome of toss, but I am angry towards boards who make shytt pitch to kill newbie’s confidence. I mean they are new, you need to have pitch so it can boost their confidence, so in future even if they randomly get shit pitch they can still find a way from their boosted confidence. I mean even from Lankan side, their two bowlers are coming in after long time one is very new and one is debuting. Then why the hell do they make pitch like this, well we all know answer for this, they made it so after their first win they can retain that. I just wish India wins toss this time, because thats the only way I can see result in India’s favor. Its a bloody crime. Yes you are right 88 all out pitch or >600 pitch both are bogus way to boost confidence for newbies either they are bowler or batsman.

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