Its Revenge Time for India

1 Aug

I am Mad, really mad now.

After this:

If you are Indian Team better read this post.

Its time to strike back. And don’t stop till your fingers and groin start to bleed.

Its time to sledge the team you have never before (lanka)

Its time to bowl negative line, unorthodox line, cunning line whatever the fuck line.

People are waiting for Indian Team to loose. They just wait for some douche bag to say Indian Team is douche bag.

And they start to attack with words.

End friendship with lankans, make them bleed now.

Chuck Bite Sledge Cheat Temper Pitch Running What ever the fuck you can do. DO it India Do it.

Dear Dhoni please no more Mr. Nice guy. Get angry. Eat ears of batsman while you are keeping.

I can’t understand so much hatred toward Indians. WTF. Cunts just wait for an opportunity and when they get it they start showing booty. Start smelling their infected syphilis ulcer. What has India do to you? Even all the Shit so called Indians who like to smell other less hairy ass, they start pooping on their own people. WTF.

Why so much hatred Why so Much negativity ?

Some say its good for sports rivalry. Ok then fine.

Then now its India’s turn.

Fuck every team that plays home test match in India. Make the Cuntiest pitch of all time. Make Turning pitch from day fucking 1.

Yeh thats right, I don’t want want bouncy pacy pitch, because its going to fail in this Humidity.

So make BIG ASS Turning Pitch. Its time to Fuck back.

2nd Test pitch was so bogus, it was clear to everyone’s eyes.

Then why on this bleeding earth you are fucking defending it.

Many Commenting on that article are super ugly obese recently diagnosed with AIDS and tertiary pancreatic tumor.


I am Pissed now.

India Should be pissed now and time to start pissing on the world.

I want to see mad and serious faces on field, no more laughing, no more sportsman spirit.

Fuck the spirit, even fans are loosing spirit, and started pooping everywhere whenever they get an opportunity.

……..arghhhh Angry


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