Mammoth is playing 169th

2 Aug

Being a nature lover, and cricket lover, I have decided to make a list of Cricketers and compare them with animals.

I am going to start with Mammoth who is playing his 169th Test match.

Sachin Tendulkar - Always try to carry whole team on his shoulder, he carries heavy and score heavy.

What’s the big deal ?

Its very big deal. Especially if you play these many Test match. The pride and Respect of playing Test match can be visualized not when you debut. But when you are about to Retire from Test.

If you have seen people carry you on shoulder while you retire from that format. Retiring from Test Cricket is always a big deal.

But today we will witness highest amount of Test match played by one of the most evolved batsman I have seen in my life, none other than Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar – The Mammoth.

The Mammoth carry most amount of weight, they can survive in any extreme weather and can go on without food for long time. However, Mammoth are believed to be extinct due to Extreme climate change and Human Hunting.

Sachin have carried Team India’s weight for many years (21 years). 21 years are big number surviving in Cricket. Over taking Number Tests played from another respected legend Steve Waugh is big deal. Very Big Deal.

If Sachin is suffering from some disease, it would be Obsessive Compulsive Cricketeamia. (i.e. OCD) Recently on Cricinfo he said he always prepare well for every tourny, he plays. Well, that is so basic for any sports, Sachin doesn’t get into Cricket mode and dive in ZONE as often as expected is not a fluke. He does his homework, even after he graduated from double PhD of Cricket Degree.

He still behaves like student, behaves like Master, and read his notes again and again to retain good grades in School of Cricket.

One Test match is equal to 2 ODI and 4 T2o for me, it drains lot out of you.

Mammoth is born to carry weight and protect their daughters, sons, and whole species.

Thats what our Mammoth had been doing for 21 years.

He has evolved from feisty Cub TO




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