Viru – The Tiger

4 Aug

Tigers are rare in India, they are the current the endanger  species, so does batsman like,

Virender Sehwag.

Virender Sehwag is the tiger, he attacks the pray whenever its in his area, either hungry or not he will attack

My Father is not fan of Cricket, despite being born in Crazy Cricket country. However, he gets happy whenever India wins or score runs. If I compare my fan meter to mine and him, well then let’s say he is double AA battery and I am the car battery of Bugatti Veyron.

However, I still remember conversation when Sehwag received his first MOM against Australia playing ODI.

I asked him “Papa who do you think will break Sachin’s records ? ” He said it would be Sehwag. Its only him who has enough bowls to do it.

Well after these many years. So much Cricket had been played, so many ODI so many Tests and introduction of T20.

After all this, surprisingly, Sehwag is the only current prime Candidate to break Sachin’s few records, or make his own.

It is pride, honor for another Indian to run cricket race as fast as another legend.

However, the only problem with this, is Tigers prime life span is 10-15 or maximum 20 years.

Normal elephant’s life span are around 50-60, oldest being documented is 80 years old.

This is just Normal Elephant, not Mammoths. Mammoths are believed to live even longer.

So, sadly, even in reality, due to nature of Tiger, who attacks whenever he sniffs pray in his area. He will attack. He will try best to take life out of you. It doesn’t matter if you crowded and hidden in jungle by Guns and all sort of Traps. This wild cat will haunt you down.

This nature comes with price, all Tiger cares about killing his pray, he doesn’t care about returning home, he doesn’t care about his species. All he has learnt is Attack.

However, sadly as Mammoths, poor beautiful creature is in trouble of surviving in Human infestation. People want skin of tiger. Head of Tiger to hang as an antic in their home. We have cut down jungle to make our homes there. But when Tiger sees you attack you, you call him Man-eating tiger. And then wipe him off.

Its Human Shit.

Please, leave this beautiful Creature alone. Stop infesting into their home. I don’t want to see fake ones on Cartoon. I crave for real one.

Thus, enjoy while our Cricket – Tiger, Virender Sehwag last.

I want our Cricket Tiger to go beyond his age span and play till he is at least 40.

Respect is the word.


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