Reasons I am blogging

5 Aug

There are many reasons people Blog about.

The reason why Majority of people Blog is to be famous writer and get acknowledged once by some other people, and they offer them to write for them. Or they just simply want to get few extra cash from their websites advertisements.

My career is not to become writer. I Blog for fun. I am just Dumb Cricket fan, who blogs for time-pass. I don’t want to make any money out of even though I have to pay back lot to banks and my government for loans for School Studies, NO I don’t Blog for Cash.*

(*Only if some billionaire sponsors me, and I can donate my 100% money to charity, then hey sure)

I am not employed by any Cricket Boards. I am not planning to get recognize by Crowd.

I barely get time from studies. As soon as study season starts, I forget about sports or reading blog or anything.

I know many blogster cross lines to get famous blogger, or they try their level best to market themselves.

I feel happy to write something that gets created from my Blog. I have another Medicine and World Related Blog, but I haven’t blogged anything there after first blog. Because I don’t have enough knowledge and time for blogging. I am just a student.

There are many reasons I started blogging on Cricket.

1) I often comment on Cricinfo articles/news as a knowledge_eater , often my many full of rage comments were not published due to their strict moderation.

First time I was aknowledged by this Gentleman, I don’t know him, but he was humble enough to quote my feelings about one of the Indian Cricketer.

I found out about him praising my comments from Google search.

Yeah, I googled my ID knowledge_eater, where I found out, that he liked the way I commented. I promised him that if I start my blog I will mentioned you. Well there you go buddy. Thank You again. Good Luck with your Blog. His blogs are very entertaining.

2) There are many blogs runs by Regionlistic ass holes. I don’t like Regionlism. If you are one country, why so much hatred within one country!!! People don’t like certain individual from certain area so they try their best to belittle others. In condition, like this I always remmber one person. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

3) Thats why I have decided to rather start my own blog, expressed my feelings for Love for this game Cricket.

4) I will never do splitting among fans. I will never say certain great cricketers are selfish or not team man. Never. If you are not sitting among Team member how can someone make ridiculous ugly ass licking comment like this just because you want to be famous blogger. No way. Its a crime. World have done enough damage by splitting and governing.

5) I can fully use foul language and I will get full freedom to what I want to say.

So I can be least hypocrites. I don’t get ‘high’ by insulting any players. I am not psycho path who is suffering from schizophrenia .

So, thats why I started Blogging.

I can try to give my opinions from my sane nerve cells and myocardium.

So, I can be responsible for my own deed.

“I am the captain of my ship, I am the master of my soul”

Thank You.


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