Finally India took 20 wickets

6 Aug

So, finally for the first time in this recent Test Series India took 20 wickets.

I mean this is so beautiful and eye opening phenomena.

As I stated ago, that Indian bowlers aren’t bad as people sledge them as. They really aren’t.

This is what Newbie wants, this kind of pitches we aspire in Test Cricket.

Where was this love in 2nd Test!! I am still angry with 2nd test pitch. But hey I am ready to forget if India wins this last test.

The great thing about India taking 20 wickets, proves that its not bowlers who are crap, its the condition and pitches they are provided. On other side of the world Pakistan vs England Tests are other way around. Bowlers are king there, however, the contest looks one sided now. 72 all out is horrible. But recently there was nasty flood hit on poor country on poor people again so I forgive them. Nevertheless, I can talk about how Pakistan can improve on other day.

But today, I want to talk about Indian bowlers.

Ishant Sharma:

He didn’t do that bad at all. His form is really getting back to normal to be honest. He and Malinga were the only one who were getting superb bouncers when ever they want to.

The good thing about Ishant was he constantly bowl at around 130 135 km average for 3 constant tests. Without complaining of anything. Without Niggle here and there. He bowled around 130-150 overs in humidity, without complaining. Thats not easy shit to do, when you are bowling in Subcontinent, your colon retain more water to preserve for body. And you are prone to get constipated poop. But he did all right. Now, Imagine what if Ishant was playing in England or Australia. I tell you he might have been very good.

Prgayan Ohja:

Coming off with very well IPL season, he was awarded as one of the best bowler in Tourny. It was expected that he should be one of the strike bowler from India, after Bhajji’s niggle, fever or failure. He did it. The pitch was supplied to boost his confidence and he did well. Took majority of wickets in 1st lankan innings and did well in 2nd inning as well. I think Ohja has ability to bowl where he wants for whole day without moving line or length. Which can become predictable, it doesn’t matter. If Pitch is turning fading away you are suppose to run over other teams. And he almost did well, not bad effort at all.


Well, he was prolific wicket taker in Domestic season, so his selection was default selection. I wanted Munaf to be there for last Test instead him, but after his gusty 40 in first inning, I think it is going to very vital if India is to win this Test. He was the one who gave breakthrough.


Best inform Off spinner got big turns, a bit Swann like bowling style, got very important wickets. A MOM or MOS contender. He has been Lankan slayers for last few years or so. He is the current MVP for India in Test match.


I wanted him in 2nd Test, but since Pitch was so bogus, there was no point. He took 3 important wickets though.

So without Zaheer Sreesanth and Bhajji, India took 20 Lankan wickets in Lanka.

Now thats an achievement.

This is how Pitch should be made.

This is how Test Cricket should be played.


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