Kumble The Crocodile

11 Aug

First of all, sorry for not blogging as often as I should.

Well its summer and its hot somewhere. Nothing much to do.

Went to beach last weekend, had a wrestling with my brother on sand and I beat him (obviously) in all 3 rounds.

Well, me being 30 lb heavier than him, it was going to happen.

Anyways speaking of water, today I want to introduce to Kumble The Crocodile.

Medium pacer in Disguise of spinner

Crocodiles are on planet for long long long time before introduction of Mammals.

They are believed to be one of the descender of Dinosaurs. Nevertheless, their ability to survive in Cold or Hot temperature is astonishing.

Kumble had been one of the sneakiest bowler. The most illusive Indian bowler I have seen. He was initially medium pacer in his very young. Then became a Leg break spinner. Well, there is no surprise he is fast through air and very fast through ground as well.

He is medium pacer in disguise.

If I have to steal anything from body and clone something it would be his shoulder.

Being a legbreak bowler and pace of 90-100 is not easy thing to do.

His normal speed bowls are arm bowls for normal spinners.

I still remember him breaking a stump ones.

The reason I am comparing with Crocodile, because Crocodiles are sneakiest and one of the fast attacker on pray. They are so divisive that before the pray know they are dead, they are dead!

I like Kumble, because he only laughs on field when he or someone else take wickets. He doesn’t like when someone misfield while he is bowling.

Also, he was one of the smart Indian Cricketer, who probably had degree. A very smart Cricketer. Real fighter.

His retirement made very big whole in Indian bowling, I hope someone fills up quickly. Aahh whom am I kidding It will never be filled. At least not this soon.

Its very rare to take 10 wickets in a inning. A very rare record holder.

Respect for Illusive Predators.

Even Crocodile hunters are rare, aah I miss Steve Irwin.

Respect for  Kumble  The Illusive hunter Crocodile.


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