Prove it Pakistan

30 Aug

Ohh Yeha thats right I had to blog.

I broke my promise that I said I will not blog till 2011, but hey someone else broke promise too.

Someone else who were taught values still betrayed. Someone else who gave special breathing space when country was in turmoil. Someone else who thought to rule the bowling department in next decade. Someone who had tons of talent coming out from no where.

A series after series a day by day There was new great talent popping out.

My grandfather didn’t even let my mom pour some ink into her pen, because that ink was provided by gov’t for gov’t work. He is turning 90 soon. Every time I talked to him, i remembered that incident and integrity the Man possessed.
No matter what environment you live in, no matter what the circumstances are.

To Pakistan
I accuse The breeding of values. I accuse how person is brought up. I accuse how that child who didn’t have strength to stand up against all odds.

What’s the point of claiming that we are the holiest country in the world. Prove it. Prove it. I am tired of betrayal. I am tired of hearing greatest Talent. Prove it Prove it. Prove the world that you are coming from background where Music-Art was/is respected above everything till date. Prove it that your country possess one of the best farmers in the world. Prove that the land that your ancestors asked for from others, you are worthy of governing. Water is going above head. Prove it now.

If you can’t prove it than let the people who can prove it come forward. Stop them going away from Country. Listen to the outsider how they can help you. People will forgive you if you let us help. Don’t behave like you are living in some another planet.

Stop all the madness. Stop it. I know deep down you are inside you are part of me. Part of same DNA I have.

So, everytime you do something stupid I feel like I betrayed myself, although my birth cirtificate say I was born in India.
P.S. I forgot to mention the reason my fonts are green, because just to bring back sanity in whole country. Because thats the colour of progress, thats the colour of Green Plants. Thats the The Green Trees colour which is saving Pakistani land from flood erosion. I am still positive the country will be back to normal. But first step it will be taken by Pakistani only.


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