What can UFC teach us !

28 Oct

I have been fan of Martial Arts.

I respect it from heart. Because I have done it for 5 years in my teen-age years.

I have done Judo. And little bit of Karate.

I did Judo mainly, which I think requires enormous amount of power, accuracy and precision compare to School-Karate. It is because you can’t do much in Karate in tournament.

I, in fact, did very decent, won 3 gold and a silver. Won two state championship, and went to national once. I lost my first match in national though.

Then, Science attacked on my Judo-bility. I didn’t have time to exercise, lost miserably in next district tournament without any practice.

I might re-join and play in future, just for fun, but after once my real dream of becoming physician.

Judo was/is my passion, but may be I was never meant to be Professional Judo player. I used to get in to fights so much in my very younging years, then Dad put me into Judo classes, I learned a lot. Discipline. And especially, I had the greatest coach ever. He taught me how to use power properly and not show or waste our energy needlessly. I miss those days.

Anyways, let’s not get emotional now.

I was never a big fan of WWF, not more than just playing WWE cards with my cousin brother and brother. And beat them in Bed Friendly fight and use all smack-down Tricks we see WWE people do. Then, reality kicked in, I found out the most first thing wrestling WWE wrestler learn, is how not to hurt opponents. Then, my interest in WWE dropped to rock bottom and I used to make fun of it.

So, sometimes, I watch Martial Art tournaments, whenever I get time, to feed my lust of Judo-Ring. Now, I watch UFC sometimes, which is really feeding my lust (sometimes), like my lust is fed when I see Cricket. They call it  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regression in Behavioral Science.

So, what can UFC teach us, cricket fans, and Cricket presenters and media men.

A lot.

Especially to Fans.

Have you ever got pissed from Trash Talk, they do before Cricket tournaments? Have you ever got pissed from Captains pointing out failure in opposition team? Have you ever got pissed when Coaches telling players, you are selfish? Have you ever got pissed recently, when players tell coaches “Who are you? You are nobody” ? Have you ever got pissed when players tell past cricketers, “You think we are shit, I don’t see any shit medals on your Shit Neck !?” Have you ever got pissed when commentator SHOUTS the shit out and you think he has suffering from Tourrette Syndrome or Deafness, and he has to speak louder, (because he has hard time hearing himself, so he has to shout) ?  Have you ever got pissed, people are over-hyping Cricket tournament ? Have you ever wonder there is not decency left in Cricket ?  Have you ever wonder every young cricketer is COCKY and there are no humble Cricketers anymore .. etc. etc. etc. Blah Blah Boobdy Blah

If you think anything like that, then you know what………………. Screw You.

Then, You are saddest idiot, and you are about to transform from Dysthymia to Unipolar disorder.

If you think this was too much and we should dim down our pre-intensity or pre-tournament talk. Then check this videos out.

And shut your decency, and your thoughts on over hyping crap. And too much shouting crap.

These fights are super sold out for many dollars and people even resale tickets for even bigger dollars.

and this

I don’t care about decency before tournament.

Cricketers, coaches, media people, and Mr. Boycott’s mom can say whatever they want as long its rivalry talk and not fake news.

There should not be any limit in Rivalry talks, deep down inside (in pelvis), every men/women like this.

And if you think its too much, change the sport, and watch, Gymnastic or Figure Skating (which I watch it in every Olympics)



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