“The liberation of Watto(Ovary)” – The PooP version

1 Nov

So, there was an article on Shane Watson by Peter English on Cricinfo.


And there was a comment on this article that there is a possibility that Watto might be Woman by “tracerbullet007”


Hmmm It got me thinking and wanted to write few cents on Watson. And compare that to real liberation of Women’s ovary after Menopause.

If you are women, you probably know how you feel after end of the month, when menses happen. I am not a woman, but it is terrible feeling, I am sure.

So here is the insight from my physiology professor, in a story mode, what actually happens at the end of month (around 28 days in women’s body)

“Every month there is a guy name LH (Luteinizing Hormone) comes to house of Ovary. LH knocks on the door of Ovary, every end of month (around 28 days). Ovary obediently stands up and open a door for LH.”

“LH roams around Ovary’s house for few days, have fun, then leave the house. This happens again and again. Month after month. Comes and goes. No talk of relationship with Ovary. No compassion-ship talk. Nothing. One wonders for how long this terrible phenomena last for!”

“So, after long time around 55 years of this poopy relationship, finally Ovary decides: Hey, this is not relationship. This is just awful way to treat me.”

“So, around 55 years, LH comes to Ovary’s house, knock on the door. No response”

“LH knocks harder and stronger, and get pissed, but Ovary is sitting on her chair, with knuckles on chair’s arm. Ovary is not responding to LH aggression (Hot flashes, PMS)”

“Finally, Ovary yells: I give up from your(LH) ridiculous way of treating me.”

“I don’t care what you do LH”

“But I am not opening door”

“This is my liberation story”

“I am free at last”




*This post was for Men, to make them realize, what women ovaries go through,  for at least 50+ years. They feel like punch on testicles for every end of month. I am not saying Watson  is woman. Or he might have menses, thats why he sometimes behaves like this on field. Or seems like he cries every end of month, because someone have punched him on his testicles or ovary. I have heard few people talking about sudden increase of Watson’s ass’s circumference on Test Match Sofa Commentary. Usually, woman’s ass circumference ergo wider pelvic bone, is wider for good reason. So, she can give birth to child. So, after this post, Men will understand women better, since how much emotions they go through due to LH surge and knocking on the door for 50+ effin years. I am not sure about emotional up and down of Watson, I just don’t know. May be he is just emotional. Or may be Watto is Ovary, who have gone through Menopause. So, he/Ovary is Liberated. Now, no LH can harass Ovary anymore!!! So, are we witnessing post-menopausal Ovary/Watson, which is coinciding with his success.

*P.S. By the way, the libido of Woman/Man doesn’t go away after Menopause. Libido remains the same.


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