Thank You New-Zealand for…

7 Nov

So we all know what’s happening in Ahmadabad.

Yeh, Chris Martin scored 3 runs not out.

You think thats not achievement, you better believe it. He is Jason Statham of NZ.

I want to thank New-Zealand, because some aliens believe that its easy to win Test Match against “so-called-weaker-looking-team”. Some people have illusion that it is easy face bowlers if you are experienced team with loads of Talented batsmen. Some people have delusion that slowness of spinners from not-so-experienced looking team are easy to score off. Some people think if you don’t have at least enough fire-full performance, speed, accuracy, technique, then its so easy to walk over you.

Its not because this is called beauty of Test Cricket.

You can lose match at any moment in Test Cricket. Bowlers can turn around any time at any point in Test Cricket. What batsmen can do, well they can build Castle slowly and steadily. They don’t have to hit or smash all the time. They don’t have to show aggressiveness or sometimes slogg-fest like ODI or T20. They slowly make armor brick by brick. And when the fort is made, they can release the soldiers, whom we called bowlers, and let the bowlers do the job.

Sometimes the problem with making Fort is if you take too long to make it, then there might not be enough time to put the soldiers in.

Sometimes all you do is wait for opponents to make a mistake and your bowlers can penetrate right through that hole.

See thats the beauty of Test Cricket. There is always chance for turn around. There is always chance that you can take 4-5 wickets in 6-7 overs and ruin the hard work of opponents. Or on other hand, there is always chance for you to make famous escape like this..

You see when you play cricket against Uganda, North Korea, Kongo, Gaza, Iraq, Bosnia, Maxico, Peru, Hawaii, or Cuba, what are the chances that you will win Test match against them!

Its high. Very High. In fact, you can hurt the whole team and they might not score single run against you.

However, do you give 100 % guarantee that you will not lose against them?

Whats the point do I want to make with this rubbish jumping-jack words here and there!

My point is there are no freebies in Cricket. Never.

11 players have to perform and other 11 have to un-perform (i just created the word to rhyme it)

If one of the players make even a mistake, you can lose your fort in few minutes.

Or if one of the players outperform or gives superman performance, you can overshadow many mini-performances.

The situations get created from this sport are very fragile and erratic.

In short, I just wanted to thank New-Zealand for giving lime-light to few, who think its easy to win Test Match against “not-so-talented-team-on-paper” team.

And if you think its easy to win against New-Zealand, is easy team to beat, then hmm gee I don’t know may be you have to check doses of your medications and go out there and challenge them.

Especially its not when you have Dan, Taylor, Rydo, Marto, William the kido, McCulluu, Jeeta and Gupti as a substitute fielder.

Everyone play hard Cricket and everyone wants to win.

Cricket is hard game. Its not easy to become Cricketer. Its not easy to stay as a Cricketer. Its not easy to survive as a Cricketer. Cricketers fight every day and every matches.

More the Cricketers, more the competition.

Tougher to prove your supremacy.

There are no freebies in Cricket.



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