Cricket Fantasy Part-1

13 Nov

Am I going to get selected for any international cricket team ?


So, here are my Random Cricket Fantasies.

1. I want to ball 6 balls to Sachin, and if I beat him once that means I had a chance of becoming cricketer, but I just didn’t choose to be.

2. I want to face Shane Warne for an over, and if I hit at least one boundary, I think he is scorable.

3. I want to be non-striker batsman of Virender Sehwag.

4. I want to own Sachin’s that rusty blackish bat that he is using. (the one that he scored 200 runs with)

5. I want to arm-wrestle with J. Kallis.

6. I want to understand what Ponting is saying, well, now I do, but couldn’t when I was young, but I want to learn how to do that so I can save time. (Time is money)

7. I want Daniel Vettori’s glasses. Well, he can use mine. But I heard his had magic.

8. I want to chew gum like Yusuf Pathan

9. I want to touch Doug Bollinger’s hair.

10. I want to learn how to hold bat like A. Razzak.

Well, Today this is enough. I will come with more of 10 Cricket Fantasy.

I just made up this in 2-3 minutes, as I tweeted.




*These fantasy are exclusively copyright, I can sue you. If you have them.





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