Has Bhajji lost his Mojo? When? Where?

14 Nov

From last few years, I have started to give more respect to # of wickets more important than average.

Especially, in test match.

Why! Because no-one-cares about average, because I rather like bowlers who give me wickets, which save ample amount of time in test match plus you all-out batsmen early and you can actually win test match.

WOW that was so hard answer to understand.

In ODI T20 yes, it is almost equally important.

But since Test Fever is on, let’s have a look at Bhajji’s performance in last 10 years.

I am not going to compare him to other teams, because I want to point out the importance of Harbhajan in India’s #1 position.

Last 10 years


Last 5 years


Last 3 years


Last 2 years


Last 12 Months


Now, if you see # of wickets Bhajji leads the way till last 2 years.

Now, let’s have different analysis.

Let’s forget his 2000/2001 Turbanator Performance for a second.

After that, few terrible series, in Zim, Lanka, and in SA(only one test)

He took 13 wickets against England, 12 wickets against Zim, 14 wickets against WI, 12 wickets against Eng., 20 wickets against WI, 5 wicket against NZ (bad), 6 wickets against NZ (Bad), 21 Wickets against Aus (He is back), 13 wickets against SA, 4 wickets against banglasesh (not great, but he didn’t have to bowl long), 10 wickets against Pakistan, 6 wickets against Zim, 14 wickets against Srilanka, …

wait wait wait I am doing donkey work right now I suddenly found out this stat

A series wise stat.


Now, these are not 5 test series like ashes. There are not even 4 test series. All of them are either 2 or 3 tests.

If you look at the stat for new comer Ohja in last 1-2 year he has very much same number of wickets as Bhajji, and even not so great average.

If you look at economy of Bhajji, its decent as expected for a spinner.

Now, he is no Swann. A new star of Great English Side. (Sarcasm there for My Aussy friends)

But who was Swann before 2008? He debut in Test Cricket in 2008. And right now its 2010.

I don’t want to take any thing away from funny man Swann. He is talented. But he is newbie in test cricket.

I don’t even want to mention what ever Bhajji is doing with the batting. But I think compare to other Indian bowlers, I don’t think Bhajji has done that bad after Turbanator performance.

I mean I am no fan of Bhajji’s ‘on purpose’ deeds, but clearly on cricket analysis. He had a terrible tour in Srilanka thats about it. Even Zak has ‘recently’ gained more wickets than Bhajji (last 12 months) but his 2nd bowling partners new comer Ohja has done the same thing as Bhajji.

I mean it looks great and it feels so good sledging bhajji’s performance, because he, himself is the biggest sledger around.

Do that. I don’t have any problem with that. Tell him what ever you want.

But when people starts to get serious, that he is over rated bowler. Its time for his retirement. He hasn’t contributed anything in Indian Cricket after Kolkata 2001. Its time for him to get dropped. Then, it always amuses me. If someone else, some other bowlers in team is doing better than him then hey sure.

Tell him you are useless attention seeker and we don’t need you in team.

But no-one has done enough. No-one has taken enough wickets compare to him. No-one has taken enough match winning wickets than him.

Because I think taking wicket at particular time in test match, decides if you are winning test match or not.

I don’t want to mention how is his ODI performances or # number IPL matches he played.

Or I don’t want to mention his slapping of Sree (btw. who was Sree before slap-gate ? ! )

If we are talking about Test Cricket. Then, I rate importance of Bhajji in India being top test team is as important as any Top performer of team, if not more.

It feels great to not like him, or I can write 1000’s of funny hate sarcastic articles, and show my love for him. But when people get serious and forget the past performances like

hmmmm let’s see 6 and 4 wickets against NZ in 2009, 4 wickets against Lanka in 2009, 5 wickets against SA in Feb 2010, 4 wickets against Aus. recently, and 4 wickets against NZ just now, I didn’t say anything about Batting.

But thats 5-6 test winning wickets in like 2 years.

Now, please someone genius try to explain me how Bhajji is losing his Mojo compare to other Indian bowlers ?

I might be missing something. Or I don’t watch English Premiere League, so may be I am dumb.

But when and where Bhajji is losing his Mojo ? Please, explain.


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