What if Sachin had 0 Test hundred?

20 Dec

People rate players on different things, some rate players as a match winner, some rate them as their flamboyant style of play, some rate them as a perfect technical player, some rate them from their stats, some rate them through their looks, some rate them as their humbleness, some rate them as a savior, some rate them as attacker, some rate them as only-hope, some rate them through their consistency, some rate them from their opponents etc. etc. etc.

There are million check marks for batsmen, before they are called Greats.

I always thought the rating of players is done by

‘What if that player haven’t score any runs at the time of play?”

Now, I am not statistician, or I haven’t seen every cricket matches. It might be very surprising that I haven’t even watched lot of matches, as it looks like. But, I have played more cricket matches (counting all gully cricket, league, and school cricket matches) in my whole life time than actually watch cricket match.

So, main rating of players importance in the team I do, is by using “Null method”

“The Zero Mehthod”

I make that players run 0 of that match and then look at the team position.

Now, imagine what if Sachin haven’t scored those 100’s, and assume what could have happened to that match?

I can’t go through ODI right now, because they are just too many, and I don’t have time currently. Love for Sachin made me write this post, yes, it doesn’t call waste of time if you blog about Sachin. 😛

I will use cricinfo match score for each of his 100, and will try to see what would have happened to that match.

First 100 Old Trafford, Manchester


He scored 119 and India scored 334, so 334 – 119 = 215 runs + 225 minutes. India would have lost that match, instead It was drawn. So, clearly it was important 100.

Second 100 Sydney Cricket Ground


He scored 148 and India scored 483, so 483-148 = 335 + 213 minutes. India again would have lost that match, instead It was drawn. So, clearly it was important 100.

Third 100 Western Australia Cricket Association Ground, Perth


He scored 114 and India scored 272, so 272-114 = 158. The famous WACA inning. India did lost this match, but if Sachin hadn’t scored that run India might been asked to follow on and Tom Moody and Dean Jones probably didn’t require to score 100’s and India would have lost match by an Inning.  So, may be that 100 wasn’t important, may be Merv Hughes would have saved few beard hair by swearing less at tiny little boy.

Fourth 100 New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg


He scored 111, India scored 227, ergo 116 of India total, if Sachin didn’t scored. Match was drawn, India would have lost the match. I presume because Sachin spent 373 minutes on ground, SA batsmen would have more chance to declare early, and pitch wouldn’t have teared and it might not have helped Kumble. So, I will say this 100 was important.

Fifth 100 MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Madras


This is not hard at all but you get the picture what I am about to say, 560 India runs, he scored 165. India won that match emphatically. India pawned England. Period. Important 100.

Sixth 100 Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo


Easy one 104* at strike rate of 64.59, thank you Kumble and Kambli. India won. Important 100.

Seventh 100 KD Singh Babu Stadium, Lucknow


Very easy one again, an inning victory again Sachin 142 runs at 60+ strike rate, Thank you Kumble.

8th 100 Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground, Nagpur


179 runs, unfortunately match drawn, :@ Hooper, but important 100. Hooper could have one handedly won that match.

9th 100 Edgbaston, Birmingham


Not important 100, but if he hadn’t scored 100, Prasad wouldn’t have those two wickets, and Atherton wouldn’t have that 50.

10th 100 Trent Bridge, Nottingham


Important 100, he spent 360 minutes and made 177 runs out of 521, Dravid might not have chance to made 89 nor Ganguli could have got 100, England could have easily won that match. So, important one.

11th 100 R Premadasa Stadium, Colombo


Very important 100 for India and also Lara, Lanka could have scored 1000 runs in test, and Jaya might have scored 450 runs.

Now, I am tired a bit right now, I will come up with other 11 later maybe.

Summary: 9 important 100s out of 11. Two not that important in Perth and in Birmingham.

Do that for rest of the 100’s for not only test, do that for ODIs as well!

Now, sit back and imagine the swipe of team.

What would have happened if Sachin was playing with the Merv Hughes and What would have happned if Sachin had Ambrose and Walsh?  How many matches Sachin would have won?  What would have happened if Sachin had Waqar or Wasim? What would have happened? What would have happened if Sachin was Steve Waugh’s brother? What would have happened if Sachin and Warne were blonds or both had curly hair? What if Sachin and McGrath grew up together?

For that analysis, read these articles first? And figure out by your self what could have happened, if those were existed?



By Greyblazerr


By Cricinfo


By Cricinfo


And yes, He still thinks it’s just another number, also he seems to be getting bored by his records in his recent 100 interview.


He almost scared me there, but I heard he still enjoys playing cricket, which gave me few hope that India can manage to win world cup. 😛

And lastly, all I want to say, no-one is forcing you to like Sachin, like it or not just don’t throw poop at him, because it looks very stupid. You can joke about him being Lactose Intolerant and not liking cheese, and may be not eating cheese might be the secret of being successful batsman http://www.cricketwithballs.com/2010/06/17/sachin-tendulkar-exclusive/ contact Jarrod for that matter. 😛

but throwing ‘cricket’ poop at him is like eating your own poop kind of thing.

If you want to be “UNIQUE” cricket analyzer and be “ANAL” about it then sure, you can do it. If you think not hailing him makes you “Special Great Cricket Knowledge Man” then sure go ahead. Be special. Go ahead. No-one is forcing you. But please don’t dare to throw poop at him just for sack of it. Like him or not, if you think he is Rat or not http://paddlesweep.net/when-will-sachin-tendulkar-retire-and-what-will-life-be-like/ (Read comments) Even if he is Rat, this Rat has rattled so many lonely bowlers and teams many times. He even made bowlers famous, because he hit runs against them.

Just SHUT UP and Let us masturbate.

He is the Tree of Avatar Movie, who has made many cricketer famous, because they were becoming conflict of Sachin’s record, so people go through their records and they started to respect them as well, which they wouldn’t have if that record wasn’t made by Indian Cricketer.

People even respect more to other great batsmen, whom people thought that they aren’t getting enough attention because Sachin is getting too much attention. (You know negative support kind of thing)

He is/was our hope.

Don’t try to take it away from us.

Let us enjoy this moment.

I hope this kind of moment is not the last, and I hope another Cricketer comes and another one breaks the record, but if that doesn’t happen, I would rather enjoy this with happiness than procrastinate later.

So, Thank You Sachin.


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