Anti-Anti-Sachin-Fan – My Alternative Story

23 Jan

There was a competition for submitting Alternative Story on hosted by @mspr1nt aka Ms. Print and @MI5HRA aka Ankit Mishra on @paddlesweep.

I e-mailed them story, since it was quite a story. The book I suppose to compete for is by @AltCricket, you can find them here . Once I get the book I will do review post. So, apparently, I was one of the fortunate to win a Book. Why? Well, you can find out by reading my story below. 🙂

My Alternative Cricket Story.

Have you ever day dreamed?

I do it all the time, in fact, I have PhD degree in day dreaming. And because of that PhD degree, I have hard time concentrating on my normal easily achieved M.D. degree. My, this story might not qualify for being ‘alternative’ because there are thousands of competitors each day dreaming something should happen before the cricket match begin.

Last 5-7 years, have been very sad years for being Sachin fan.

“Wooohhhh Dude did you just say SACHIN”, now already I can see, few people have already clicked red X button and started to browse cricinfo, or their twitter account.

Now, see this is what I am talking about. It’s been extremely difficult to survive as a Sachin’s fan. And expectation we dream of everyday. People laugh on us. As soon as you tell them,

‘Hey, I am big Sachin fan’, they say, Ughhh they start to puke on your hand and your face. I wipe that face, and trying to explain, why I am Sachin fan, they again try hard to defecate, since they drink less water before going to bed, or less fiber rich food, ergo they put their constipated poop right in front of my mouth.

And I miserably swallow that and hope that my stomach and esophagus don’t rupture due to retching, since they reject that puke and poop.

A great man once have said, “ Sachin’s fans think, Sachin’s fart is like meteor” or something like that.

Do you know, how many kind of people I have to deal with, who hates certain kind of people ,so eventually they hate Sachin, everyday!

Those, who are SMG hater: For some reason (out of blue haha not exactly) SMG announced Sachin should have all records of batting, now people who hated SMG at some point, hate Sachin for no reason. Each runs he makes ‘people will say, see see he is doing exactly what SMG have told him, see see! I tried to argue but Sachin is more attacking ODI! t20! aggression! and  much more humble he is nothing like him, they reply SHUT UP JuSt SHUT up. We HATE smg ergo We HATE Sachin. PERIOD.

Those, who are Computer Software Hardware Dataware Analyst Engineers: These kinds of people have become BIG headache for Sachin fan like me, they usually have basement or one room with 2-3 computers, with high-speed internet, a bit chubby, and very ugly people, who have rarely seen light or played freezbe with their Dog. They come up with some analysis and stats for past 1000 years and history with even Aliens who explained Egyptian how to play cricket, they eventually declare Sachin was never great batsman. Or on the contrary Sachin was the greatest batsman. As soon as people hear this, they just start puke and poop on my face.

Those, who always negate everything whatever you have to say: These are ‘special’ ‘unique’ ‘Judgmental’ ‘Genius viewer of the game’ ‘Pure Species’ ‘THE most Neutral Game Watcher’ kind of people. They will never accept with your opinion. They will come up with something drastic or WOW factor of the game. And they have their own fan base, so as soon as Sachin scores, they come up with special judgment, and their fan base start ‘poop and puke’ all over again right in front of my mouth.

Those, who hates regionalism: They hate regionalism so much, even I hate it, but these individual ‘HATE’ everyone who are from that particular part of the world. They even forget that it’s not Sachin’s fault to be born where lot of poop thing has been done because of some shit politician. What is Sachin fault where he is born and speak same mother tongue as some random douche politician!! So, people who hates individual from that part of world, they hate even Sachin, and throw poop and puke in front of my mouth.

Those, who are atheist: I myself don’t believe there is God, I believe in my parents and my culture. But, certain fanatics, start claiming Sachin = God the Cricket God, those atheist’ blood boils, they just hate the concept of God. I hate it too. But, they just hate the concept so much (since lot of shit has been done because of concept) they hate Sachin, they throw poop and puke at me.

Those, who think he plays for record and not for  the team: These people are worst of all. Whenever, I hear something like that my RBC die prematurely, I become anemic. I feel cold. Still, I can’t cry being man, doing martial art, and being martial art fan. I just can’t cry. (I haven’t cried for last 15 years) So, what happens is, I might have got hidden ulcer about to tear. Or aneurysm about to appear. HOW ON THESE Bleeding Violent Deforesting earth scoring runs going to team’s total looks like he is playing for himself? Sometimes, I feel like let’s just cancel all his runs and request those basement Software engineers to run a software that shows how many times India would have lost the match miserably if it wasn’t for him.

So, you see in this of modern days, it has become extremely difficult to survive as Sachin fan. I can’t tweet, I can’t blog about him often, I can’t show my happiness every time he scores. I can’t yell Sachin….. Sachin ……Sachin people look at me and say

“Dude, are you suffering from something”.

I reply, “no I am just supporting. I am just happy”


I get lump in my throat, I shut up, I shudder my soul and sleep through that night. So, now, I show my happiness not when Sachin hit 4 or 6 (Ravi Shastri still gets happy though, but he can, I can’t), where I used to all the time, remember people throw poop and puke at you, when you do that, and look at you with ferocious reddish face.

So, I get happy when he does something spectacular. Sachin’s fan are becoming dying breed. So, I wait for something crazy to happen.

And it did.

I was reading few Facebook messages; send by known person of mine, who iss son of my teacher I used to go to tuition to learn Maths and Science in grade 9-10.

He was constantly throwing poop and puke at Sachin over internet everyone can see it. He was repeatedly saying Sachin is not match winner anymore, even though he just scored century against Saffa in first test in India. All other batsmen crumbled even chasing SA mammoth score

And I was like here we go, all over again, You can smell those Anti-Sachin bacteria start to get accumulated as soon as Sachin scores and other fails. And the poop and puke began. The ‘S’ word were thrown. And India lost by an inning. Heavy lost, perfect temperature for Anti-Sachin bacteria to grow.

And the bacteria over my Facebook  time line gone rampant and I felt like I got diarrhea.

Then, the 2nd test came. Indian batsmen scored runs. Almost, all did. And that friend of mine continued to poop and puke despite Sachin’s 106. According to him, Sachin was playing for 100 and he should have batted like Dhoni, I was trying to explain but if he would have got his wicket playing Rash shot, Dhoni could have had partnership with him since Badri and Mishra was gone cheaply. And India might not have able to win that test.

But, as I said earlier, it has been extremely difficult to praise Sachin in this modern time. I had to eat poop and puke again.

Then, came the ODI series. But those bacteria on facebook were still growing. And Sachin was run-out for 4 in first one-day. I was like dope! The homer style. And the bacteria reached at exponential growth. I was like I don’t want to sign on facbook today. I had lump in my throat again. I was sad.

I felt like ‘Why am I even watching cricket instead I should be studying?’ It was good thought. And due to time-zone problem, I was unable to watch match anyway. But, that night after regurgitating puke and poop for thousands time for this many for last 5-7 years. Sometimes, you just yell out of frustration as a fan. And before going to bed.

These were my exact thoughts.

“I wish Sachin scores 200 runs tomorrow and India scores 400 runs, that would be the biggest slap on …..Bhai” (he was older than me, and as Indian culture we use suffix ‘Bhai for respect)

And I woke up next morning, and first thing I do as soon as I wake is turn on computer, then wait on bed till it starts, even though I want to poop, the pressure is coming, still I wait till I see scores on cricinfo.

And I can’t believe, it happened, read the Title of Cricinfo. I stared title for 3 minutes. And my hands were up in the air, feast clinched. And Wide Smile on my dimple producing face.

FOR WHOLE 3 MINUTES, I couldn’t smell my armpits, which so closed to my face.


He scored 200 runs. He did exactly what I wanted him to do before going to bed. I didn’t pray. I just requested it. It was just out of frustration of bacterial growth that was going on over internet.

And when I replied that individual ‘See see he pawned SA. He scored 200. Now eat your shit”

You know what he replied to me.

He told me “haha, now I should do banter more often on him, so he scores”

And I laughed nervously, ‘Saying to myself, f**k this is really bad timing for being Sachin and Sachin Fan’

I know you don’t believe me all who didn’t press on X and continue to read (I don’t know why you are still reading). I don’t blame you, if you don’t believe it. How can I blame you guys of not believing if the guy whom “I saved from 4 High school bullies on first day of new school by kicking lunch box out of school wall in grade 4th and his grade 2nd”,  that who doesn’t believe me either till date.

I replied to my brother on yahoo.

“Me (2/24/2010 12:13:05 PM): to be honest i had a feeling that Sachin might hit 200 tom. before going to sleep .. and it happened wow .. i m not kidding .. seriously its freaky but now it happened .. wow i can’t believe this”

“My Brother (2/28/2010 1:25:51 PM): bullshit”

So, that’s it. This is my sad and happy alternative story of being ‘expecting machine’ from my favorite batsman Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

It all sounds unreal, well, I don’t mind people believe it or not.

But that one answer from favorite cricketer can make Anemic fan like me into Polysythemia Vera.

Thank You for reading.

The Title of this story should be “Anti-Anti-Sachin Fan”


P.S. as Tyler Durden explained before joining in CricketClub “The first rule of Cricket Club is you don’t talk shit about Sachin”

Bacteria may ask, “What is the 2nd rule”

Tyler Replies, “You do not …

And by the way, if you can please buy Book, it might help few young athletes, who could do a lot with little support, because also runs scholarship.


23 Responses to “Anti-Anti-Sachin-Fan – My Alternative Story”

  1. poopstar January 24, 2011 at 4:18 am #

    someone really should poop inside your mouth for being such an idiotic fan of that idiot SRT.

    • knowledge_eater January 24, 2011 at 5:15 am #

      Welcome to the Blog, that’s what I said in a story.

      • poopstar January 24, 2011 at 8:14 am #

        mountain of runs do not a great player make.

  2. knowledge_eater January 24, 2011 at 2:23 pm #

    Mountain of hate doesn’t prove anything.

  3. knowledge_eater January 24, 2011 at 3:22 pm #

    Btw. I will be happy idiot, if I happen to like Straight Drives, Back-foot CoverDrives, Back-Foot Cut shot, Leg-Glance, PaddleSweep, HookShot, Midwicket-Flick, Inside-Out over the cover shot, UpperCut, Late-Cut. I don’t think Mountain of runs make him one of the fav. player in my book. Because these shots are just too pleasing for me, and not easy to play against any, even any mediocre bowler, because if it was that easy, all batsman might have been playing those. But, apparently, that is not the case, is it?

    • poopstar January 25, 2011 at 4:29 am #

      Hook shot? You mean ‘always duck below the stumps by taking the eyes off the ball without even contemplating attack’ shot. Yeah you are right. My apologies. That’s such a pleasing shot.
      Many batsmen do play all the shots you mentioned. And they play other shots too, apart from the ones you mentioned and in an attacking manner.

  4. poopstar January 25, 2011 at 5:11 am #

    Actually Sachin did play a hook shot against Tsotsobe in one of the tests in SA recently, and that was a top edge over the keeper. He was hours late on the shot. The point is he does not play his shots with freedom and is always adopting a cautious approach. In contrast great batsmen don’t mind taking on the opposition, and they often pull it off too. Sachin may have all the records in the world, but for me his brand of cricket seems insipid.

  5. knowledge_eater January 25, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    “In contrast great batsmen don’t mind taking on the opposition, and they often pull it off too.”

    “he does not play his shots with freedom and is always adopting a cautious approach.”

    Do you even watch Cricket? Are you for real? What have you seen and we haven’t please share? What do you want him to do, Play like Afridi? Yusuf? The Slog is an aggression in your dictionary? Going after bowler all the time? Reading between lines and articles don’t help anyone unless you have watched him bat, does it?

    Again, I am repeating, I don’t think he is Great batsman because of his records, he is great because he has played cricket shots, that every Batsman crave for and viewers like me crave for, all the human instincts shot, learned from years of practice shots. If you think sloggers are the greatest aggressive batsman then I don’t think we are in the same level of Cricket Fan category.;template=results;type=batting;view=innings

    Please go and figure out see what happened in last 3 years. Don’t even go back to 98/99 otherwise you might have seizure of bursting out of ignorance suddenly. And Btw. Against Tstsobe he wasn’t even trying to hit hard last time checked, It wasn’t even Hook Shot.

    Aggression !! Seriously?


    Please help yourself, Youtube is your friend, if scorecards aren’t doing it for you, please watch highlights of matches, because that will really clear few queries you have. I urge you too ignore records, and watch real match highlights then please have an opinion. It doesn’t sound right.

  6. poopstar January 27, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    Right, another specimen who thinks his cricketing knowledge is far greater than others simply because he is a fan of SRT. I have seen many like you and argued with many like you, but its like banging your head against a brick wall. I don’t blame you though. When reputed journalists watch the game with tinted glasses, you are surely entitled to do so. Usually, the argument your ilk present is cricinfo stats, youtube videos, Sharjah 1998, sixes of Shoaib Akhtar, Andy Caddick in 2003 WC…pardon me if I have left out any of your other favourite SRT batting magnums.

    And I guess your comprehension leaves a lot to be desired. I never said sloggers are the most aggressive batsmen. I merely said SRT adopts a cautious approach, and isnt as aggressive as some other batsmen who do play most of the shots he plays. That’s my take on it.

    Where you and me are on the same page is that you mentioned we both are not in the same level of cricket fan category. That’s true! SRT’s batting (over the last decade or so) never gave me goose pimples, and I believe it never gave opposition bowlers any sleepless nights either.

    • knowledge_eater January 27, 2011 at 4:57 pm #

      I didn’t say or even think I have far better knowledge than others. I just said I watch what pleases me. Teams change around player, and responsibility changes with it. If there are other 5 young batsmen in your team, I don’t have to show my teeth, if I was given to play anchor role.

      Sachin doesn’t scare any bowler, yeah hmm you are right on that, but unfortunately he still comes out to score more runs, at very decent pace in ODI, and enough pace in Test so India can win or save test match.

      In last, 4 out of 6 Test series, he has been highest scorer as a batsman. And one he has been 2nd to Viru. And India has managed to either draw it or win in all those tests. Show me another Cricketer who has done that? Kallis comes in close, but I am afraid, you don’t like as well, he doesn’t give goosebumps as well, right? He is not scary anymore, but was he important batsman?

      He recently scored 90+ back to back in Aus. against very good inform Australian side. He wasn’t scary? but was he important?

      He scored 175 200 very recently? He wasn’t scary? but was that important?

      What’s the difference between scary and important batsman?

      Sorry, I may be the last one in line for having cricket knowledge, but if people become blind from these innings, then I am afraid find yourself in the lists, I mentioned above in a story. When young 24 or 28 years doesn’t manage to score (Still having lots of juice and reflexes in a body) and 36 or 37 guy manage to score runs even at above 100 strike rate against very young bowlers, without slogging!, if that doesn’t excite you then I don’t know what can!

      Stop thinking people who appreciate player, who are weird, and are sheep, who follows what crowd follows. People like to be special and different. Unique from crowd. It’s absolutely normal. However, that doesn’t give them right that their opinions are superior than others.

      According to your philosophy of great batsman, there no batsman currently who will give your goosebumps, then why even watch the sport. They are all retired in 80’s right! Please buy DVD’s and enjoy it.

      You are not standing out of the “sheepish crowd” that acts like sheep appreciating player or follow player blindly, you are running around in circle chasing yourself.

      • poopstar January 28, 2011 at 8:09 am #

        “Sachin doesn’t scare any bowler, yeah hmm you are right on that, but unfortunately he still comes out to score more runs, at very decent pace in ODI, and enough pace in Test so India can win or save test match”
        This is probably one thing I do agree with you partly. He does score runs, and at a decent pace, but he is sometimes too fixated on preserving his wicket that he forgets there are shots to be played too. That is where I feel he comes off looking like a batsman who scratches around for runs. And sadly even this aspect of his cricket is glorified by people including bloggers, the media and your neighbour’s poodle. You get the feeling that he is happy not taking risks and leaves all the risk taking to the others while nudging around for runs. If you have the ability, if you are the greatest batsman you might as well play like one. Now if you claim that there is greatness in his method of nudging around, I certainly cannot comprehend it, for it somehow doesn’t sound impressive.
        Well, he has his fans, and whatever turns them on doesn’t for me.

      • knowledge_eater January 28, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

        That comment “Sachin doesn’t scare any bowler” comment was partially Sarcastic. How can you back to back thumping bowlers is not scary? How can you score boundaries with nudging bowl around? How can you score at over 100 strike rate with nudging bowl around? What is he! Jonathan Trott?

      • knowledge_eater January 29, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

        Please Look how was nudging the bowl around, see how terrible the batsman SRT is 🙂 That was in 2009/10. And the reason he got out, because he was attempting an aggressive shot. Very overrated batsman. Dude, if he seriously care about nudging around and played defensive approach through out his whole cricket life, he might have had over 65+ average in test, and he would have remained not-out all most many times in ODIs. I am not trying to prove anything, I am just eye-donating few blind people 😛 These things doesn’t happen many times in cricket, at least not many times by cricketers age over 35, just saying.

    • knowledge_eater January 27, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

      If my words sound biased, me being Indian, read something like this that might give you goose bumps

      please read something artistic like this

      I don’t think Kallis isn’t great, but please read whole article and think how much emotions are attached with specific players. It’s easy to throw Mud at emotional fan, if that gives you ‘high’ then sure please continue. Poop and Puke everywhere as I said in article and as you said in your first comment. That just shows how negativity in Mind has been built through out years. Please note, I didn’t even claim SRT was/is/or will be greatest batsman in the world. He is my fav. that’s all I said.

      • poopstar January 31, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

        I still maintain SRT doesnt scare any bowler. In fact most bowlers fancy getting him out nowadays. Scoring runs by nudging the bowling is quite easy when you have other batsmen do the hard work of attacking around you. Youtube to the rescue, isnt it? you can always fall back upon youtube to put across your point. SRT has been defensive since 2004, and it is very evident by the way he bats. You can look to ignore it and write gloriously wonderful prose about his batting. Oh, sorry that is already being done.

      • knowledge_eater February 2, 2011 at 5:21 am #

        Then how should I prove it? Why don’t you do your “Non-Youtube” imaginary version of proving it! How does overall strike rate of 86 is nudging bowl around? I fucking don’t care if he nudges or masturbate against bowlers in front them, he currently gives me runs lots of valuable runs and my team has won from them., if his innings in NZ, against Aus, and SA (forget lots of 90s+ against Pak) don’t look like valuable commanding innings than it’s your subjective judgment. Continue to watch players who doesn’t nudge. Ohh yeh please re-watch recent Ashes series great batting done by England, re-watch again and again as it was so thrilling batting display. And you enjoyed how great 2007 WC was. So thrilling gave goosebumps to many people. And also how “thrilling” Kallis (the greatest cricketer of decade) has been batting since 2004. Add, mix that to great batting display by Sir Punter who has been playing Magnificently in last two ashes. Enjoy all other cricket around mate. It’s not so enjoyable with SRT anymore. Please go ahead. Enjoy your boogeymen, whoever that might be.

      • poopstar February 2, 2011 at 3:48 pm #

        My non youtube ‘imaginary’ version is eyesight and pragmatism. Not blind, devoid of logic adulation. I prefer a different brand of cricket from someone who is considered great, someone who can take the game away from the opposition. Those are the very words that commentators and others use on him, including bloggers. My opinion is that SRT does the same things that other players do. Yet the print and television media make it out to be something out of this world. My point is this. If you hail him as someone capable of transcending normal batting, he should demonstrate that.

        Now, I have to clarify, I am not holding anything against his volume of runs. His run accumulation is splendid. But the way he does that is the thing in question here. I might be treading on thin ice here, since adulation and hero worship is specific to region. In India we overdo things, the word ‘great’ is used very loosely here. So loosely in fact that that SRT’s worth is multiplied by a million of what it actually is. Thats what I believe. So you see, while you have some yardstick for measuring SRT’s game, I have my own.

        Enjoy the world cup games. Hope the standard of cricket would be awesome. Hope the best team wins. And hope we all watch and write about each game for all its worth. Calling a spade a spade!

  7. knowledge_eater February 3, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    See that’s my problem is. People have great opinion, against things are written, but then why not write or blog about their favorite player! Why not start a blog and share their eyesight and pragmatism! Ohh wait we don’t have time, oohh wait but we do have time to negate when someone else blog about it. Funny Right? I don’t have problem with anyone’s opinion, because eventually it doesn’t change anything. Matches are played. Scores are scored.

    About player hailing, well, that’s how sport economy works, recent example, Federer and Nadal both lost out early in Australian Open. How was the interest of the game afterwards? I am goona disagree on that ‘everyone wants to have piece of Sachin, but they don’t look at others’ it’s totally subjective argument, once you find out bank balance of players, it settles it. My problem is when people start to make a point without even watching the real match ergo knowing match situation, you can’t say that style of play at particular time by just looking at scorecard. And I hope you have watched enough matches, and made a judgment.

    “He is doing the same thing what normal opener is doing” Boohoo who cares. There are 6 other players in team, who are going to do the same thing, what every other teams will be doing. One is smasher, one is partner ship builder, one is finisher, one is slogger, etc..

    When team scores, and games are won, smashing around the park, commanding partnership has been established, everyone hail WOW what a team. But when everyone fail, lone player scores, people want to negate, ‘hey look he wasn’t scoring at proper pace. See, See he remained not-out because he was saving his wicket, see, see that wasn’t commanding, etc.’

    Now, it has become loose and loose situation anyway. When people want to negate they negate. No matter what the situation is. I don’t see Sachin playing another WC, if he fails to score in this one. So, celebrate it when player who nudges around retires. And welcome the next greatest opener, who will single handedly will score tons of runs in many upcoming occasions (without caring about his wicket, coming out of crease and smashing lots of 6’s and boundaries). And please make sure, the new best batsman will not raise his bat and run around in joy when he scores, because he cares about team. He will simply wave once, smile a little, and waittttttt a minute, he won’t even take out his helmet. He is team man. Good Luck with that.

    That’s when I will see who is spade and who is not, who had done what, and who can’t do, what he had done.

    • poopstar February 4, 2011 at 8:28 am #

      Right, just because you blog, you have a rght to voice your opinion and I do not. That makes sense. Just so you kinow, I dont negate because of the frustration of not being able to write a blog. I negate because I feel strongly abput something, the same way as you do.

      You seem to think people criticize SRT when he fails and also when he succeeds. Maybe, yes. I have also met such people. I criticize him because of his way of playing, and not based on whim and fancy.

      Also, I do not prefer batsmen who celebrate in a particular way as compared to others. I dont know from where you got that feeling, but hey, I dont blame you. Criticism against SRT does take its toll on clear thinking. Also, I am not accusing that he isnt a team man. I have no doubt that he is. In fact I would say that he is the quintessential team man for India. I believe he genuinely wants India to succeed.

      Where I have a problem, as I have mentioned in other posts also is that with his style of play, he can hardly be considered the paragon of outstanding batsmanship. Far from it. And when bloggers and the media hail him to be one, it gets to me. Thats what I mean when I say call a spade a spade. Give credit where its due, but dont overdo it. Thats my two cents.

      Finally, I have played cricket at a reasonably high level myself. Its not that I dont watch the game and comment based on seeing a scorecard.


      • knowledge_eater February 4, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

        I just gave an example why people write more articles, that’s how sports economy works.

        I am glad that you have played cricket, so I can make a point of how team plan changes as team changes.

        SRT may come 2nd behind or 1st in current batsman (if you consider fitness) in form and important batsman of Test. Behind Laxman and he may share his 2nd place with Viru.

        In ODI he comes 2nd or 3rd as well, after Kohli or Gambhir at the moment.

        As team changed through out his batting career he has changed his batting style, you can say he slowed down, as you want to make a point,

        “..but he is sometimes too fixated on preserving his wicket that he forgets there are shots to be played too….”

        Surprisingly his number of boundaries and strike-rate remains constant. How? Isn’t what team need at the end?

        In test,
        Presence of Perfect opening pair(gambhir-Viru), one of the best one-down player Dravid at 3d, very very very special Laxman at 5th, and followed by a bit lower order with occasional bursts from MSD Raina/Vijay/Badri and long tail with Bhajji and Zak.

        Now, what Job remains for him to do in test if everyone play according to flavor they bring to table!

        How consistent they have been batting commandingly? Not even for their whole life-time, how about how many seasons they have scored runs? And how?

        In ODi
        If you share a dressing room with Gambhir, MSD, Yuvi, Kohli Pathan Raina all really match winning still young players and veteran scariest batsman Viru, what do one have left to do in a team!?

        Literally nothing right! if they fire regularly, and most of them do that’s why India is at 2-3rd in ODI ranking. But, despite all those player presence, if you maintain to play innings against SA, Aus in Aus, and a inning in NZ, how wasn’t that special!? Or commanding?!

        At age of 37, who survived a fiery spell of Steyn at Durban recently? How many players around the world, are doing that!? with 8 test playing nation and 10/11 ODI!?

        Does he make it to WORLD XI on current form? If yes, then how? Despite presence of so many athletic and better aggressive players around.

        If that isn’t great achievement then I don’t know what is. Have you even seen his 200 something against Australia in India in test? That wasn’t commanding?

        And all of this is after 2004, forget before, it’s going to cause seizures. And despite all that, people want him to fly like superman, then how it is not fair judgment. He is not superman. He is not going to fly. There are many superboys around him, let them fly. But but but, when Superboys don’t fly and Supergrandpa flies, that’s scary for me.

        I don’t have problem with opinion just because I have blog, may be I failed explain what point do I want to make.

        As an example, I read cricinfo articles, where people spend more time in comment section negating articles involving Sachin, more than players they say are the best batsman/players. There were articles written on other batsmen like Sir Viv, Bradman, Lara, Wasim, Warne, Sir Sobers … where do people suddenly disappear in praising them!? Where are those millions of praise they possess for great cricketers they adore, where they show it in Sachin’s article!

        That’s what my problem is. That’s when I say, when people want to negate they negate. Nothing wrong with that, but I find it wrong, when they don’t give their due when opportunity is present to them.

        I hope you continue to play Cricket, (as I will re-enter as well may be after 8-9 years or soon) at high level beyond 35 and please let me know if you weren’t managing to play according to match plan and situation. It wasn’t easy for me. It’s hard to even see swinging new ball deliveries as I used to open. Forget, Steyn’s fiery spell, he would probably kill me. 😛 Cheers. Thanks for commenting.

      • poopstar February 5, 2011 at 9:22 am #

        you are right. i agree with you. i am convinced SRT is the next best thing after instant noodles. You managed to convince me. good job.

      • knowledge_eater February 5, 2011 at 5:07 pm #

        I wasn’t trying to convince you, as you weren’t trying to convince me either 😛

        p.s. – I still didn’t claim anywhere he is the best batsman, I just said he is my favorite batsman.


  1. World Spinner - January 25, 2011

    Anti-Anti-Sachin-Fan – My Alternative Story « cricketwithpoop…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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