“I will come to your house, and beat you up..”

22 Feb

Have you been to High school fights? Neighborhood fights?

If you say yes, then you will exactly know the meaning of title of this blog.

I am huge admire of  “Ahimsa”, but the thing is, as a mammals, and as a Homo sapience, I carry a trait of competitor. I LOVE to compete. Another thing is, I produce “Testosterone”. Yeh, so it gets into my nerve, and produce stuff. Forces me to do stuff.

Yes, woman may call it a mutation. But, comeon!! it’s good mutation right!! Who will give them perfect massage with our muscular fingers, if we, the Man, with Testosterone, don’t produce more muscle mass. Right!

Wait what! Ohh ok scratch the beginning.

Where was I, Yes, the title, fight, school fights.

I had been in to many friendly unfriendly school fights, I used to beat up my younger brother a lot. And because of that, I used to get beaten up by my Dad a LOT. And because of that I used to get into fights a lot in school. I mean sometimes in organized fights.

Like you know, in lunch recess, 1) you find out that one division of the class was mocking/teasing/flirting our divisions Girl. (Division means let say you are in 10th standard then we use to have 10A 10B 10C etc. I was always in “C” The best division ever. Trust me, it’s best everywhere all over the world. ) 2) You find out some dude just did a “parental swear”. I don’t know about now, but to me, at that time, my 99% of fights were regarding this. I can’t consume parental swear for some reason. Even if friend used to tell me in friendly manner, “you mother …..” I can still flip and I can easily say, that is uncool dude, and not an acceptable word.

Yeah, so it happened a lot. When young student of standard 5th, me, learning to fit in with this ‘parental swearing’ business, it was hard for me to ignore those pricks. And I already said, in an Alternative Story, I wrote earlier, how I hated bullies, who were harassing my brother. So, I used to make an outrageous, unbelievable and breath-taking “Dhamkiyas” = “Revenge Taking Angry Threats”.

1) Like if you piss me off one more time …

2) I give you 3 chances of forgiveness … then that’s it..

3) I will come to your house and beat you up right in front of your family.

etc. + few swearing words

So, you see it was all fun. Have I ever gone to anyone’s house and beat up anybody? No. Why? Because, it’s not morally right to beat up another man in front of his family, so we used to finish business in between lunch recess or after school fight club thingy.

Yeh, miss those days.

So, why am I writing all this? Well, because when Viru said against Bangladesh we have score to settle or it’s a revenge match, right in front of media. And you know how media treats you if you don’t do something you say. Or even fans treat like “hey, he is an arrogant man” And when that man fails fulfilling them, haters don’t hold back their ass, they will poop back on you. Bloggers will fart on you too. Like remember when he said Bangla is an ordinary side, and then India was in trouble in first inning! Yeh, lot of people must have pooped on our Viru. I am sure lot of did that Simpson’s Nelson’s Haha

Not this time.

When Viru said it’s revenge match against Bangladesh.

He really meant was “I will come to your house, and beat you up”

And he did.


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