Steve Davies proves that he is Homo sapience

28 Feb

So, seriously, I didn’t know who Steve Davies was, which country is he from, was he a batsman or bowler until I read these two blogs..

I googled him, and then I found out he declared that he is gay.

Now, if you are following my tweets, blogs and know little bit about myself, I am sure you had slight idea that I am a Medical student.

I would love to share few videos about the reality of homosexuality, but due to copyrights issue, I can’t.

But, here is few points that I can note down from my books, history, natural science, and understanding.

1) Homosexuality is normal.

2) True homosexuality is totally neurological, nothing social. So, if you hang out with homosexuals, that doesn’t make you homosexual.

3) Sex preference decides sexuality for us. If you are married to heterosexual partner even if you have kids with them but prefer to have sex with your own sex partner that makes you homosexual.

4) No matter how much you will try to have fun with opposite sex partner, if you enjoys sex more with same sex partner, that means you are most likely to be homosexual.

5) If you find me make a homosexual joke, it is just a joke to send a message that it’s normal thing.

6) If you are hermaphrodite, have both female and males genitals, that doesn’t make you homosexual.

7) Your Genotype XX or XY doesn’t make you homosexual or heterosexual. E.g. Jamie Lee Curtis, yes the True Lies Strip dancing lady, she has an androgen insensitivity syndrome. That means she has an Genotype of XY (male) but her Testosterone hormones don’t work properly. So, she had both female and male genitals, she had an operation and adopted two kids. She is not a homosexual, even though she has genotype XY, she still prefers to have sex with Heterosexual partner. It’s the preference that decides sexuality.

8) I joke a lot about Man, who acts like Girl. To me they are Gay. Unusual. May be few Metro-sexual men, who act like Teenage Girls. That’s social. And that I am phobic about.

9) People who will want to search in Religious Books, and see what they have to say about, and then decide fate of that Human Being, that I am totally Phobic about.

10) Almost every species have this kind of Sexuality. Then, why are we running away from it? Why special rules for us?

11) I would prefer Homosexuals who will adopt parent less child than those makes 4+ babies and treat woman like a Baby Machine.

12) Humans try to fit themselves with particular sexual preference, so if you are homosexual you will know it as soon as you reach your puberty and then at your sexual stage later on. So, stop asking question to your self what sexuality I prefer. You will know it’s natural.

My Cliche’ for Homophobic goes like this

“If a man who doesn’t get excited by Two Lesbians’ Sex then that Man is Gay”.

Why I am writing all this? Because Steve Davies is a Cricketer, and he had balls to come out say this at 24, as JRod mentioned. Also, if people were known to these facts, that I have mentioned above and accepted it, then I wouldn’t have even blogged about it. And would have just said

“Meh, who cares”


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