Halt! Your Betting for up coming World Cup matches

3 Mar

Have you bet on last few matches in this World Cup 2011?

Let me be specific, did you bet on India – England? or England – Ireland match?

What did you bet on? Did you win?

Betting is an addiction.

If you are betting with your own earning money and hope that it will pay your monthly billing, then I am bit skeptical. I will ask this,Is cricket betting your temporary investment? Or I will ask this, do you have enough money to bet for next up coming matches? Because if you are regular bet-er, it’s most likely you are addicted and you will need to bet for up coming matches.

So, think about it.

Do you want to bet for up coming matches like Bangladesh – West Indies, England – South Africa, Australia – Sri Lanka, New Zealand – Pakistan or even India – Ireland haha jokes! (nervous chuckling)!!?? after what has happened to recent matches involving England.

Are you going to whine if England beat South Africa, West Indies beat Bangladesh, Australia beat Sri Lanka, New Zealand beat Pakistan and EVEN India beat Ireland (nervous chuckling again)?

Are you going to write piss post or go rampant over twitter or drink depressive material like alcohol on top of semi-depression mode you will be in!!!??

That’s why I recommend, Halt your  betting for up coming matches. Because, tell you what, this World Cup is reaching it’s peak in up coming days.

1) Pakistan have spoiled party after beating Srilanka, Pakistan’s party was almost spoiled today by Micheal Fox’s XI

2) England, pleaseeee I shouldn’t even be writing how their party is spoiled, and “hurt England” might give tickle laugh attack to Biff’s XI

3) Lanka, well, Malinga didn’t play against Pakistan, they didn’t send Mathews ahead of Silva, etc. etc. They will look different team.

4) India, stop questioning their bowling, why, because Piyush have just started to grip the ball, MSD’s small blunder sending UV up ahead of Kohli, Sachin and Viru both of them threatens to bat for 50 overs, watch out even if they bat for 35 overs, you are doomed. If Zak and Munaf started to hit their seam even on flat track since they play NTD and Ireland, your opinions will change.

5) West Indies, despite injuries, their bowling and batting can and will upset any team on their day. Think about Pollard factor, if Gayle factor is not enough, are you enjoying BCL junior’s batting?

6) Bangladesh well, they play everything at home, they beat Ireland remember. England are hurt, they will try their best to win against Bangladesh, if Bangladesh loose against West Indies, they will fire against England and what ever their remaining matches is.

7) New Zealand, well, are you finding them on Twitter, constantly giving their frustrated inputs on Twitter. Trust me. Burn is still there in their Belly to lift the WC. I am not talking about only in Ryder’s belly.  There is high possibility they will prove their ICC tournament regular rising performance, despite it looks like they bat like minnows.

8) Australia well they are Australian.

etc. etc.

So, in short, all I want to say. For Next up coming matches hold your horses before writing anyone off.

And you don’t even want to predict and bet on which team will sit on what position for QF.

If you have borrowed money from someone and bet on up coming matches, please give money back, don’t come to my blog and cry, because this is warning post.

Because, this World Cup is going for busy weeks now, which will be followed by “Go For Total KILL Week” = QF matches.

be careful … very careful …

P.S. I forgot to mention Coventry hit 194* runs and how badly Ray Price wants to turn the ball so badly right now. So Beware. Be Afraid. Don’t be Afraidi.

Be Very Afraidi.


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