Englund on verge of KLPD, will they avoid it!?

12 Mar

I know, I know what you are thinking, a team that lost against Bangladesh and Ireland, with one of the worst bowling Average of the tournament. With Matt Prior. With injury hit side, KP, some people think it’s good injury. With team, whose best bowler is Tim Bresnan!!

Why do they deserve to get qualified!!

I mean think about it.

England were literally considered as almost minnows in ODI, yes, their bowlers have terrible record in one day cricket.

Do they have history in World Cup … well, they don’t, they never won World Cup. Had Good side till late 80’s and early 90’s.

Then, nothing really.

Even their fans know they don’t stand chance winning any kind of ODI world cup. Ever.

In fact, Not really, their fans do rise up, they secretly hide behind the teeennyyy Tiny ashes trophy and they sneak pick to watch their team play. They do support them, quietly, they do trend their players on Twitter, quietly, they do write blogs, quietly, they do invisibly change their Display Pic on Twitter to support them, quietly.

What is the definition of Quietly listed above.

Quietly: “We do care about world cup, we do want our side to win, but if they don’t do well, who cares we actually don’t about the world cup, after all, it’s in subcontinent, we were mentally fatigued, we had stomach flu, it was dew, lots of dew, Broad, yes Broad, His aggression was missing, KP, yes there is no more KP anymore, Ashes fatigue!! + Ashes Mental Fatigue, Swann is still the best spinner in the world, but you know the dew affected him, oohohoh the Flat pitches, how can you win WC in Flat pitches, there was not enough balance for Bat and Ball…. “



Please stop right there, and think about what your team has done. Think about what kind of Cricket your team has provided.

1st Match: The Match that went to almost last over, well, against side that is the weakest in Group B.

2nd Match: The Official Opening of World Cup – A Draw with India

3rd Match: Lose against Strongest of Minnows – Ireland. Gave Recognition to KOB.

4th Match: Epic comeback win against, the “so called complete strongest and most Athletic side of Tournament” – South Africa *cough*

5th Match: Lose against the Bangladesh, another Epic Match. Gave little bit of breathing space to Bangla.

and it’s coming down to last match.

After producing 4 Epic Matches of the tournament, (I reckon wicket or two would have made 5/5 Epic matches),  AND still England have to win last one to qualify.

After going through these much,

no matter how terrible your excuses are… If England still don’t qualify.

Then, I say it will be the Biggest KLPD of the Tournament.

It wouldn’t have been called KLPD of World Cup, before World Cup has started, but it will be after seeing what kind of Matches England was involved in.

I mean one after another BooM BooM BAm!!

What is KLPD = Khade Lund Pe Dhoka (Hindi) means Your erected Penis don’t get to Fuck

Your fan’s genitals are erected, Your players genitals,… well, I bet they are banned by Andy Flower and don’t get to have sex .. but still think about Cricket-Sex of QF. Bed has been prepared. Now, what if you don’t get to fuck in QF !!. That would be shame

and for me

“The Biggest KLPD of the World Cup”


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