India is ready for QF. Playing Raina not bad thing.

21 Mar

Yes, You heard it right.

India is ready for QF.

Sehwag Sachin Gautam Kohli Yuvraj all had decent bat in 6 matches.

Zak, Bhaji, Munaf had good days except in few crunch moments they went for 10+.

And now Add RAshwin in the mix.

+Add surprise bowling package Yuvi is providing.

Yuvi is flighting bowl perfectly from beginning. He rarely bowls shortish delivery like he usually does. And like Yusuf does in his 65% or more deliveries.

That Puts Yuvi among Strike or Main bowler.

So, Sachin Viru, Kohli, Gauti, Yuvi, Zak, Bhaji, Munaf, RAshwin 9 players good outing with bat and bowl.

10th -> MSD, didn’t get to bat much but he had good days with captaincy and one blunder or may be it wasn’t blunder but wasn’t positive. However, he had great times behind stump. I don’t think he dropped any catches or missed any stumping. 8 dismissals, and I bet among 5 catches many came of slow bowlers.

So, now it’s coming down to 11th.

Yusuf had Okish days with bowl. Good with field, not so good with bat.

It’s not his fault entirely. He is innocent ManBeast after all.

So, what should be our line-up against Australia.

I personally prefer Raina ahead of Yusuf against Australia especially.

Why! Main reason is the Raina against Australia.

For some reason, I think Australians rate Raina very high. Their mentality might be weak bowling against him. Short ball thing is fluke. What are the chances of Short balls working well in Ahd.! It’s not about short balls. It’s the worry of playing long innings. Raina has played long innings more in international matches than Yusuf. If we are 3-4 wickets down early on, which is more likely against Australia, we need someone to stay on crease to play out 50 overs. That’s where I see Raina being ahead than Yusuf.

Yusuf is an X-factor. It is unlikely that he will play anchor role. Raina has been dynamic. He can change his roles. Him being in CSK, might have gone against him, and might have been culprit of sledges among cricket-circle. But I rate his batting in ODI way ahead. He comes in top 3 as a fielder, as well. Expect him to force many run-outs and stop many runs in cover region (as you saw him fielding for Viru – Sachin hehehe)

Another thing why I want him in, the way he bowls. Bhajji right arm off. RAshwin right arm off. Yusuf right arm off. Raina right arm off. Although, I think due to weirdness of Raina’s bowling style, and un-predictive bowling line-length. Raina might surprise batsman or force batsman to go after him. Yusuf is stump to stump very predictive so far. Though good economy might make MSD to go ahead with Yusuf.

And last thing is, Raina is left hander. It does make a difference. There are not many left handed, young players who play cover drives and over midwicket in cow corner as good as Raina. It will force Punter to make mistakes in setting field in crunch situation.

So, I don’t mind if Raina plays on Thursday instead of Yusuf.

So, this will be my playing XI on Thursday. In that batting order.

Sehwag Sachin Kohli/Gauti Yuvraj MSD Raina RAswin Bhajji Zak Munaf

Good Luck.

And yeah please beat Australia, so they finally stop winning World Cups.


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