Indian Employment League DOES excite me

5 May

I wasn’t going to blog, but lately I have read enough of the criticism over IPL. 

And I feel really bad, when Indian writers write their one sided biased lament over IPL.

I mean what is wrong with all of you? Do they have any idea, what is the Indian Population? Have you tracked Indian Cricket history, regarding how many talented cricketers couldn’t make it into side? When is the last time, have you checked employment rate in vastly populated  country like this? How many times have you felt happy for someone else, when they get a real job? 

You might have been annoyed by those band that you see in extrainnings, and asked yourself, Abeeyaar what is the point of that Band inside cricket talk room? But I don’t mind them. Because you know what! there will be hundred more small bands like this in India, who wants to work there. 

Have you ever thought of all this? 

Ever thought, the number of security guards on each match. Ever thought of the companies who made those big sofa chair for #BetaAmbani? Yes, they are getting paid for this. Ever thought how much money P*rn company makes by abusing Women? Ever thought of Human Trafficking? What do you prefer? Pointless Cheerleaders or same Girls doing Streaptease on some bar? In my very 2nd blog, I have clearly stated, that don’t fuck around with economy that cricket brings in and provide hundreds of jobs for people, or I will fuck you up. read again 

I don’t want to portrait my personal stories and personal life experiences explaining how much employment is important and controls almost everything in the world.

Do you know the main reason of terrorism? Go deep down ignoring all fake reasons like politics, religions, up bringing of individuals, countries … and all other crap we read in the news. At the end, you will find, ‘the lack of options available’. Poverty. Unemployment. That’s the main reason.

I poop on your emotions ‘ohhh I am test cricket fan, it’s like poetry when ball swings and take out middle stump, so blessed’

Yay, that’s true. I love it too. But, how many people are bringing food to their table from one test series compare to 5 IPL match?

Are you following Bankruptcies all around the Globe?  Any idea, how much do Gold cost? Forget Gold, women like Gold, no? Tell me, how much Gas prices have shoot up in last 5 years? It’s easy for struggling middle class like me to manage to afford all these, and STILL survive. But, have you seen people queuing for simple Data Entry accounting jobs? Or Have asked any companies how many resume they get per each posting everyday? 

Are you getting it, what I am trying to explain? There are not many ways, people can earn $ doing decent jobs. Human Population is rising at exponential rate. We are estimated to be 9 billions in 2050.

Back to cricket,

What do you prefer other than IPL? 5 ODIs between WI-Pak?  Mammoth County season? You know what I don’t mind both of them, it’s their job, and in fact kind of surviving money, much needed,  for new WI players. So, despite all this and series doesn’t concern me, still I don’t find it pointless as much as people get ready to find pointless stuff on IPL. Why? Is it because you have audience to read you? Or want to act like you are special species? Think practical. What do you want? Another Srilanka-Ind, Ind-Bangla, Ind-Eng (ODI), Eng-Aus etc. etc. or Indian Employment League ergo IPL. There is not enough options in the cricket-world at the moment.

Do I want India vs. Eng or India vs Lanka India Vs SA or India Vs. Aus. or even India vs. Pak even test series at the moment???

Hell NO! Why? because I want to crave for that. I have just seen epic Ind-Lanka, Ind-Aus, and super epic Ind-SA (back to back) and mega epic WC victory of India. Then, how can you choose something else other than normal celebration of Cricket, IPL. I don’t even want to go through how money finishes the economy-circle. Let’s see. If certain players make money through IPL, what do they do with it? They invest it back to their respective countries, which creates/support employment even further.

Cricket has never generated money ergo employment in whole cricket history than IPL has. When you come up with something else or bigger than this for country’s and global economy, let me know. I am not saying everything is so cool with IPL, i.e. I want proper window open up for players + I want Pakistani players there etc. etc. (bat-ball balance issue has been dealt well this year, which I had problem last season)

Okay, that’s all of my rant for this season.

Stop acting too hard that you are the greatest test cricket lover and Cricket is under dark cloud. Well, to me, IPL has been brightness for many job seeking individuals, the small people, who earn their surviving money from it. And, yes, there weren’t enough opportunities before. I guarantee that.

It’s an Indian Employment League. And I always feel excited, when people do decent jobs and survive. 


4 Responses to “Indian Employment League DOES excite me”

  1. fckingblog May 6, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    Hmm, my first job was covering part of the IPL, did that again in 09 and now a friend earns through it (he’s the bloody bad singer on extraaa innings, lol) so I totally agree with your post.

    Wonder why the IPL doesn’t release a case study of the logistics involved, token charity work and their effects which interested parties could learn from. This has been their weak point, this utter opaqueness about the money and how it spreads out. Which again leads to the question of how that money was gotten in the first place and that is the basis of most negative views on the IPL.

    • knowledge_eater May 7, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

      Oh really, you were blogging for all matches? or some other work?

      Isn’t it with the case with every franchises all around the world? They don’t reveal much, may be part of the business strategy. I am hoping that in future, it will happen, the charity work, improved ground facilities, more conferable stuff, better marketing strategies, improved World wide coverage, better transfer system, and players drafting and stuff. etc. Let’s hope, they improve each season.

      Re: cricket watching, coz schedule is so tightly scheduled, I just want to crave for Test series you know, and IPL is the only alternative, which is way better than random ODIs, which world cricket can avoid it now.

      • fckingblog May 7, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

        The big improvements re grounds and facilities had to happen thanks to the WC but the IPL helped them fine tune their stuff, not that its a mean in itself.
        Still think they’ll only get it out in the open when they get clean or when they’re forced to.

        Re schedules, we’re still playing more tests than ever but barely any T20s as a national team but ODIs just aren’t going anywhere until they figure out how to make the money they get from an 8 hr match with advertising in a 3 hr match with advertising.

  2. Australia Cricket May 13, 2011 at 7:47 am #

    really help full sharing, and congratulation to indian team for wining the world cup 2011

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