How India can turn it around!

8 Aug

Have you read enough of filth and blaming game in media? I am sure you have and must have felt very sad if you were Indian fan but would have felt very excited to see England doing well, if you were supporting England. 

Don’t hyperventilate yet. 

It’s not over yet. 

Final ‘Bhramastra’ ( a weapon in Hinduism mythology, that can’t be stopped before eliminating the target) has arrived. 

There is not one ‘Bhramastra’. In fact, there are 2. 

Names are Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag.;id=2010;type=year;id=2009;type=year

Both averages very high in 2 consecutive years. 

If you have been following test cricket, it is not surprise that they have been very vital part of India’s success, in either saving or winning tests. High averages being opener means strong partnerships for long … long time.  

India has lost one ‘Bhramastra’ (Zaheer Khan) but gained 2 more. So, 2-1 = 1. 

Another Bhramastra lies under belly of Sreesanth and Praveen Kumar. 

You see both worked at certain point, but due to high gas prices, they could not reach destination. They could not reach to main ‘Mother’ where evil continued to reproduce and took over by attacking back. 

You see in Lords test, 2 wickets fell in tandem on first day. Then, suddenly due to bad quality of Oil, machine of Bhramastra couldn’t kill the core of evil. Evil got away. Rain helped them. Next day, ‘Maha Evil’ – KP that is. Gained power from sunlight and conquered against India. Again, semi-Bhramastra, Ishant that is .. destroyed half of the ‘sena’ (troops) and then stopped right in between. Why? Same problem, high gas prices. 

You see Bhramastra need better gasoline. And enough of it so it reaches the target.

At Trent Bridge, Bhramastras worked beautifully on first day. It was all good, people were enjoying and all. But you see this time ‘Batting’ Bhramastras were missing. There was no bunker … not much of partnerships. 

You can’t expect ‘Mukunda’ to become Bhramastra right away.

So, this is how India can win now.

Strategy side number 1

GG, VS, RSD, SRT, VVS, Mukund, Raina, MSD, PK, Ishant, Sree

If there is Green Wicket, this is very ideal side. India didn’t need 4th bowler to all out England cheaply, in good bowling condition. 

You must have noticed one amazing thing inside. First 5 batmen are the best bat, and they have been doing so well with this batting.  order. 

Strategy Side Number 2

GG, VS, RSD, SRT, VVS, Raina, MSD, PK, Ishant, Sree, Munna

You see there is massive addition there. I am sure first 5 will be feeling very comfortable batting at their position, and they promise to produce at least 2 decent partnership. Add Munna, the 4th seamer. This become very attacking combo. Non-Tired pacer bowling in short spell, Zoom … Zoom. India lost 2 match, and they surely will be looking to turn it around, then this is the combo they should be looking for esp. for Edgebaston. 

Strategy Side number 3 

GG, VS, RSD, SRT, VVS, Raina, MSD, PK, Ishant, Sree, Ojha

Now, you see England have two batsmen who fancy showing their middle and leg stump. KP and Trott. If they continue to do that, then they should be Bunny of this guy, Ojha. Left armer who can pitch out side of leg and still trouble both of them. Also, for left handers if Ojha manages to rip the ball harder, he can get lots of LBWs against left handers, Strauss, Cook, Broad, Jimmy … 

Strategy Side number 4 

GG, VS, RSD, SRT, VVS, MSD, Mishra, PK, Ishant, Sree, Munna

GG, VS, RSD, SRT, VVS, MSD, Mishra, PK, Ishant, Sree, Ojha

Now these two are fantasies. But you know what, it is possible. MSD can call for this, and get lots of stick but IF even 3 out of 5 can pull of then England can lose both tests in 4 days. It’s totally possible. All they need to do is burst in. Rush in. Attack with all guns fully loaded. If Raina will have trouble scoring runs, why not have a bowler who can bat a bit, and take wickets (less runs) and score as much as Raina. This shouldn’t be called as a bad call. Imagine the addition of another bowler Munna or Ojha, they will take wickets and less runs as well. 

You MUST back your team. You MUST trust in team. Any strategical team from above I mentioned will test England depth. Heck, they DID test their depth even with 3-4 regular guys down. 

Yes, England played good, but they didn’t played the best. They had to bat twice in both tests. Then, how can you act like ‘OMG this is big setback for team’ ‘What’s now?’ 

Please stop. England is very good side in their backyard so is India. 

Must Believe in ‘Bhramastras’ 

India can turn it around and it can happen. Don’t be surprised if they do. This is very resilient side. 

Watch out England … here comes the India. 

Watch your back. 

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