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My Bowlers Don’t Get Credit and I don’t like it

20 Jul

Yeh, that’s right … This is Angry Post … so if you are batsman or masturbater-kind over glorious cover drives … FO. 

All Of you … Every single Indian of You … cricket lover of you are guilty of this sin … those who said India produces Great batsmen only. 


“Ooohh wow Great WI bowlers … legends. Oooh Great Pakistani Duo. Ooooh Oooh Murali. OOoo Australian Bowlers …. Ooooh Dale Styen. Oooohh English bowlers in English Condition”. 


Shut Up. 

Who the fuck … who the fucking fuck has been taking 20 wickets from 2000-2011. My Dady? No! Your Daddy? No. Then, Shut up your mouth … you have cavity. 

India has played 42 test series 23 WON 10 Draw series = 33 = not lost. 33 out of 42 test series NOT LOST. 

Did your batsman come down from hell and took 20 freaken wickets???? NO.

My Bowlers Did. Yes .. Those Skinny Bastards. Those Skinny Bastards also .. had to bat and bared taunting from commentators the way they bat … the shady techniques they have … laughed at while they took a rapid signals to get off the strike after bowling under ugly sun. (I hope Sun doesn’t read this)

How many times your ‘batsmen’ … your 3 Gods + Your Dasher … Bowl and helped taking 20 wickets? Once … thrice .. I will give you 5 tests. Then … who took those wickets? My Daddy? Your Daddy? NO .. You? NO … My Skinny Bastards. 

Let say you have full respect for Kumble. I agree. But what after him? Did we crash like Aus did Post-Warne? Did we ..? No right! 

Were there only Mammoth BATTERS responsible for those wins? 

You rated them recently … Gave them least score … gave Australia FULL mark. Then, Worshiped Dale Styen. Masturbate over English bowlers in English Condition .. but WTF happened in WC. 

Oh WOW the WORST rated bowling team WON the world CUP. Didn’t they? 

You You You … Pseudo supporter of Indian bowlers. You haven’t done great in giving credit to my bowlers too. One say Zak is God, rest are meh! Really?, Zak had done great against Aus and Bangla in last 3-4 years. What about other series? What have you done?

You said ‘Oh Oh Ishant is inconsistent, IPL has ruined him, Oh oh Bhajji should have been dropped, He is SO bad that he is dragging our team down, oh oh Plaha sucks, Oh Oh Sree .. ‘he is Lunatic’ ‘Overrated bowler’ He is more of an actor than performer, Ojha oh we don’t respect left arm spinner, they ‘AREN’T’ actually real spinner, Munaf!? ‘He has become spinner’  … 

Are you getting it what I am trying to say?

Put one hand on your heart, look at the pitches my bowlers bowled at …  look at the scorecard for last 5 years. I say, look at the score card for even whole decade. And tell me, are you doing enough justice to my bowlers. 

Are my bowlers (plant) lost among three giant batsmen (trees)? Has proper sun-light reached them? Shouldn’t they be praised more in Media, because they are the one who took 20 wickets, no?  for 32 NO LOSS test series? 

What is more easy … playing 200+ dot balls and be MOM or bowling 1oo deliveries running hard … jumping hard .. and still occasionally been asked to play ‘Night Watchman’ to shield your batsman? Just tell me now, what is easier? 

My Bowlers are Work Horses. They are like factories, who never say no, till their system failure due to overload. They are Stallions. Your Batsman are Just Bull Dogs. 

And I like my Stallions as much as I like my Bull Dogs. And you should too. 

– By Angry Knowledge_Eater’s Bowler’ Mind.



K Fucking C

18 Jul

First thing first. If you are reading this, you probably would have noticed that I have changed Blog ID from cricketwithpoop to After doing that, my blog hits have decreased from 60 hits per day to 3-4 hits per day. You would think it’s bad. No, don’t think that way. I was getting hits for Australian Dingo Image search. The Dingo image I used, ended up on first image page of Google search ‘Australian Dingo’. It’s gone now for good. 

Now, that is out of the way, let’s get to the main topic. K Fucking C aka Terrorist aka Cancer aka Fast Food Companies. 

Today, I read this

on cricinfo, I wanted to write on this for so long, in fact, I wrote super hate comments on one of the Harsha Bhogle’s article, that how terrible their food quality is. My one comment appeared, when I said, fast food companies are biggest terrorist of our health. I have vivid memory of another comment that never got posted was something like that the amount of bulling this companies must have been doing in stock market and getting sponsorship for sports is one of the worst ever happen to our health.

I don’t know about Australia, but I can tell you that in North America Rise of Fast Food companies have perfect correlation with obesity in North America. 

Now, before you start reading this my ‘puke in my mouth’ piece, you must know that I was raised as a vegetarian, I am still vegetarian, I don’t drink or smoke. So, I will be very biased about this kind of sponsorship. 

In Article, read comments from Nutritionist Kathy Chapman, she puts it perfectly. 

“Seeing the Australian team thinking about their next KFC meal while they’re playing makes the kids that look up to these Australian players think ‘That’s the sort of thing I should be eating as well'”

That exactly what happens, since I have started watching Fast Food Companies commercials, I have been swearing every single time. They are so pushy and worst way to do marketing. You can sense that they are playing with human emotions. I haven’t seen single commercial, where they have showed nutritional logo or a line or two about how it’s going to help your daily nutritional need, when you will consume it. 

People don’t know what the quality of chicken is, how chicken was bred, for how long it’s been fried for, how many calories one piece of chicken can have, how many times same oil have been used, were there any food enhancer added (so you feel that it’s good despite whatever the food is) … nothing. 

What I know is that, it’s not for normal humans. It’s cheap, easy food, you don’t have to cook, you don’t have to spend any energy other than buy it, that’s why you gotta have it?!! 

The amount of calories they have are literally for Athletes. Those who work out every 3rd day. It’s NOT absolutely NOT for common household. Guess what, most of the athletes will rather tell you to stay away from them. Then, what’s the point of getting their sponsorship!! 

I have argued with many individuals about should we be eating meat or not on the first place, that is different issue.

And many animals are alive still exist because we consume them. It’s fact. Animals who are disappearing are the one we don’t care about or rather I should say, we don’t consume them. We eat them or their products that’s why we breed them. With same equation, If we eat more vegetables, we will produce more. Land will be acquired for that. Land will be saved. It’s not the same thing with Animal breeding. Look for Videos, how much land they require and how they have been treated. 

Look, I am not saying that Animals should not be killed, it’s immoral and all that, I would be the biggest hypocrite, if I say that. Almost every single medicine have been tried first on mammals. Almost every single, major health revolutionary drug or treatment have been tried on lab animals. They are the Martyr. They are the real heroes. (If I will be president, I have even planned to make their monuments in each city) But, it’s different issue. We need them to survive, and massively they need us to survive. 

The issue is totally separate. This is about our own self. It’s not about saving animals or anything or morality or anti-cruelty. It’s about saving our own health.

The most ironic thing is … recently, I have watched one video on Ted, where the person explains that the only way we can save Forrest lands or agricultural lands is to get sponsorship from these kind of fast food companies.  You can imagine that how much strength they must be having in stock-markets. 

You know every time I talked to professors and doctors they tell me that many health problems can been prevented just from fixing our diet. Our body has been so evolved and have enough equipment to fight against health problems, but if there is no proper fuel for it or raw material for it, it’s useless. 

Fast Food companies are making us crippled, leaving with no choice, and are smothering our culture. What happened to that Mother to Daughter food recipes? What happened to that enthusiasm to cook? What happened to that romance between partners in Kitchen? Do you know that energy is also well spend, while you are cooking. 

May be, I am over exaggerating. There are still many families, who get to gather and have preserved their food culture. 

But, these terrible numbers don’t lie. 1 out 4 children is obese. This is happening in almost every single country, which is plugged by fast food companies. Not only fast food companies, even compulsive eating out in restaurants is equally bad.

Have we become so lazy or busy that we are unable to learn or think about what’s going inside our body? I don’t think we are poor or can’t afford to cook or look for better options. Because, if you were poor, then you wouldn’t be having obesity problem, you would be starving and malnourished. 

Rant on Smoking and Alcohol, some other day. But, please I beg you, by getting proper nutrition will save you on health spending BIG time. If less people will get ill, funding can be focused more on major health issues. If change is made on large scale, it’s going to help our future generation on larger scale. 

And please, stop with this ‘for children’ slogan, it’s equally bad for adults as well. In fact, it’s worse for man, who are in their 30-50. Their cholesterol shoots up, add with all the stress. Perfect age for heart starting to give up. 

This is not one day or a week problem, it takes years to develop, it’s not like you ate something bad, you get infection, then you stop going there. It’s slow poison. I don’t know how many heart cases are out there just due to bad dieting. 

Authorities’ hands are tied, because of massive sponsorship and massive bullying in stock market. They control lots of money flow in economy. But we have choice because we are consumers. We can choose to live healthy life. We can choose to learn or look after ourselves, our families and future generation. No-one can force us to make unhealthy choices. 

And I have strong belief in humanity, we have made many changes in history, we have gone to the places where no living thing can reach there. So, making healthy food choices can’t be this tough! Right? 

P.S.: Did you know that someone conducted research on ‘beef-patty’ of McDonalds in basement, where they found, how there was no bacterial or fungal growth on it even after days?!!! google it. Imagine how much antibiotics must been used on it, so it can last longer!! 

Cricket Media and Administration are boring and Fucked up

2 Jun


The Douchebag Media, (you know, who you are)

I have had enough of your = ‘the media’, articles Anti-T20 Anti-ODI Anti-Test, WAIT what? Anti-Test cricket!!! (Scratch that Anti-Test article)

First, you told us Test Cricket is the best form of the game, we all said, yeh, yeh yeh YES absolutely it is. I mean look how hard it is to play! 90 overs under Sun, that pressure of posting huge total, then pressure of bowling out side early, then pressure of posting total again, then pressure of bowling out side again. It’s super pressure game. It takes the shit out of you. But Tea and Lunch comes to the rescue to save you from rigorous work. Very tough. You gotta have stamina to survive that long.

Then, secondly, you told us yeh, test cricket is great but champion of the world has to be decided by WC. So, you told us, winning ODI is as tough as anything in the cricket. You would be top of the world if you win that. (except if you are England Cricket team and till you win the WC). So you write up all great things about WC winning journey, show us interview video of legends of the game, so thrilling to hear, goosebumps and come. Mistyeyes and all that. Yes, Loved it.

Then, the T20 comes. Wait, I have to divide here.

Then, You talk about IPL.

Then, You talk about the rest of the T20 other than IPL.

Let’s first talk about the rest of the T20 other than IPL.

Here is how you talk about it, it’s great they play the tourney, some players should get into the side, ICC T20 WC will be held at such an such places, It’s all cool and all. You know county needs to do something to survive you know, people love it. The kids, parents, have their family time. They take their kids to the game enjoy it, they have fun for the night, it’s just fantastic atmosphere.

Then, they talk about the IPL, Something like this.

“ohhh not again this IPL, Games are run by absolute lunatics I tell you, terrible commentary, they suck up to broadcasters, terrible team selection, if I was them I would have chosen this team, oooohh God! they must tired of flights, ohh I am sure they are exhausted from previous tournament, meh, it’s just terrible pitch you know. Oh btw. did I tell you that this IPL performance doesn’t count. I hate this job. I should rather be covering  something else. Ohh wait test cricket is the hardest form of the game you know, performance here doesn’t get you anywhere. I should rather be covering Ranji Match. Ohhh wait Test squad is announced, that’s what is more important.”

and this is on repeat for 4 years.


You are boring me.

I get it Test Cricket is hard, ODI WC is important. I also get it, the way you totally ignore T20 that is being played in UK county, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, West Indies, but your stomach ulcerate covering IPL.

Yes, I get it. I have been hearing this for 4 fucking years. (And MANY TO COME)

Now, how about some reality check!

How many players actually play IPL and represent your test squad, but they totally suck?

Let’s start with India,

Yes, almost everyone play IPL, because it is Indian Premiere League. They all play good test cricket too. WOh I didn’t see that coming.

Australia: Doug Bollinger, Shane Watson, Mike Hussey and Harris, they are all good. In test sqaud and in IPL, (no, Shaun Marsh is not in the test squad)

South Africa: Smith, Kallis, Abdv, Steyn, Morkel, who is playing bad test cricket from these? No-one

Srilanka: Mahela, Sanga, and Dilshan (meh, at Randiv and Parera) all are good and class of their own. They play both cricket very well.

England: Morgan (only ONE, wohhh I didn’t see that coming)

Did I include all good test playing team?

Oh wait, NewZeland, Pakistan and WI. Oh yeh, I can ignore them because they barely can win Test series at the moment.

Awww, Was I harsh? “Yeh”, Cry me a river, because that’s the truth.

So, let me get this.

You are accusing IPL (and not zillion T20 around) for everything now? Really?

One guy from England, No Pakistani, 3 players from Lanka, One test player (Gayle) from WI, 3-4 Australians, 5 SAfricans = around 14 main players from 8 test playing nation.


Who are rest of them, they are either hurt, Indian kids, Club cricketers who are trying to make their living through playing cricket. Kids who couldn’t get in to national squad or want to get in permanently to their national squad.

Here is what I commented on one of the Cricinfo article.

“I am not sure about players getting noticed, but I am sure about them becoming Ripe sooner than expected. More than 50,000 thousands people around the globe (where 30000 is lone Indian) but nevertheless they stare you,they record your performance, they analyze you, they have spent money on you, and they want you to perform. If you want to give final touch for young players to be ready to face the real world, you have to put them in Hot place. Despite all the heat around you, and you perform and show top class performance, they get reward. ….. I just hope that Good international players don’t become sandwich in between IPL and rest of the Boards, otherwise it will big loss for country more than player himself”

“To be honest, I just thought it can work in reverse too. If you want to get call from IPL auction, you have to perform very good cricket in your respective country as well. No-one is going to call you for an auction if you don’t play responsible cricket for your country. So, if you want to play IPL, then perform well in ODI, perform well in Test, show your technique while you play your domestic games. I just saw Mitch Marsh the kid who just won under 19 wc and he got call from Deccan, what was that ? It was because he was captain of under 19 champion. See all the cricket around world have to do, is to take advantage of stage. If you hate IPL or Indians, they are going to stay away from you, and take full throttle advantage of your hatred and make millions out of it. Love or hate you have to decide, IPL will not stop, take advantage. Use it or Loose it.”

Auction will happen after every 3rd year! And New International players will be picked from what? and Where? from either respective domestic performance or International success. Don’t you get it? 2-3 auctions from now, no-one is going to pick you, if you don’t perform in to your country. Because franchise WILL tussle for ‘good’ players.

Then, why on earth, your tone is so pessimistic douche-y when you are covering cricket.

Okay, let me divert you with something else.

North American media covers MLB, NFL, NHL, MMA, UFC, Olympics, WINTER olympics, NBA, Tennis, Golf you name it ..etc.

Guess what!?

Most of the play offs games are full houses.


Think about it yourselves. How are they managing to attract so many crowd ergo fans?

Many reasons 1) The game is there for long time 2) There are fans of those games 3) There is hidden unity among sports coverage. 4) Big Market. etc. etc.

also, YES, Their Media covering fantastic. They don’t pick on one game from another, like teenage girl dislikes other girl’s hairstyle.

Have you heard, people who cover NBA make fun of NHL or MLB or MLB?

Do they say, meh Dunking is so not pinnacle of athleticism but hitting homerun is? Ever heard of that shit in big ASS front sports-page? Ever heard of anyone dissing Phelps but hailing Lebron James’s Tattoo?

You dumbass, they work together. Sportsmen/women even visit each other games, which even adds more value to it.

And you are sitting in your lazy ass, and typing it out …

“yeh yeh TEST cricket give me goosebumps, empty stands at IPL is because they love Test cricket, and winning ODI WC is greatest shit on the planet but test cricket is the main thing, but I don’t mind watching IPL, because they play with game’s legends’ but it’s still not pinnacle of the game but I also miss Greatest WI side, We have the greatest Test side, T20 performance doesn’t count, ohh and did I tell you that I THInk many games are fixed, I love domestic games more than anything, players should be picked according to that ….”

Stop stop stop being douche-bag lazy hypocrite.

Look around you. Think what are you typing? and how much boring it sounds. Grow up.

Stop fiddling with fan’s mind.

Boards leaders already hate each other, now you don’t add your own gasoline in the game, so game end up burning.

Your job is to report, and cover the story optimistically. You are smothering fans and players.

Both of you, your stupid media covering and stupid egoistic board members.

It looks absolutely childish seeing you throw a stone at someone when you’r sitting on your Parents’ lap.

All you gotta do is to cover and administer one game … one game only. And both of you are failing to do so. I am tired of same old story again and again.

UNITE you dumbass. Or your egoistic approach of dissing other tourny and format will destroy the game. Give enough space to each tournaments. Cover it properly. Talk about one players ability vs other players ability. Stop playing with fan’s mind. Think logically. Innovate your writing, innovate your media covering,

Current example: NBA final and NHL final are both running at the same time at the moment. LOOK both are full houses!!! After they are done, people aren’t going to write “ohhh how can you watch this? we were just exhausted from NHL and NBA .. oh MAN” No, they don’t do that. They have enough fans of every single game, because they ‘COVER’ it good. There is decent enough unity among broadcasters. They don’t diss other tournaments, because they aren’t getting paid for it.

Owner of one franchise doesn’t diss owner of other one. But here in Cricket, we are already freaken divided to start with!!

And guess what? We even do survey, which board is evil! which board is saint!

Fuck OFF

Go back to high-school ..

Indian Employment League DOES excite me

5 May

I wasn’t going to blog, but lately I have read enough of the criticism over IPL. 

And I feel really bad, when Indian writers write their one sided biased lament over IPL.

I mean what is wrong with all of you? Do they have any idea, what is the Indian Population? Have you tracked Indian Cricket history, regarding how many talented cricketers couldn’t make it into side? When is the last time, have you checked employment rate in vastly populated  country like this? How many times have you felt happy for someone else, when they get a real job? 

You might have been annoyed by those band that you see in extrainnings, and asked yourself, Abeeyaar what is the point of that Band inside cricket talk room? But I don’t mind them. Because you know what! there will be hundred more small bands like this in India, who wants to work there. 

Have you ever thought of all this? 

Ever thought, the number of security guards on each match. Ever thought of the companies who made those big sofa chair for #BetaAmbani? Yes, they are getting paid for this. Ever thought how much money P*rn company makes by abusing Women? Ever thought of Human Trafficking? What do you prefer? Pointless Cheerleaders or same Girls doing Streaptease on some bar? In my very 2nd blog, I have clearly stated, that don’t fuck around with economy that cricket brings in and provide hundreds of jobs for people, or I will fuck you up. read again 

I don’t want to portrait my personal stories and personal life experiences explaining how much employment is important and controls almost everything in the world.

Do you know the main reason of terrorism? Go deep down ignoring all fake reasons like politics, religions, up bringing of individuals, countries … and all other crap we read in the news. At the end, you will find, ‘the lack of options available’. Poverty. Unemployment. That’s the main reason.

I poop on your emotions ‘ohhh I am test cricket fan, it’s like poetry when ball swings and take out middle stump, so blessed’

Yay, that’s true. I love it too. But, how many people are bringing food to their table from one test series compare to 5 IPL match?

Are you following Bankruptcies all around the Globe?  Any idea, how much do Gold cost? Forget Gold, women like Gold, no? Tell me, how much Gas prices have shoot up in last 5 years? It’s easy for struggling middle class like me to manage to afford all these, and STILL survive. But, have you seen people queuing for simple Data Entry accounting jobs? Or Have asked any companies how many resume they get per each posting everyday? 

Are you getting it, what I am trying to explain? There are not many ways, people can earn $ doing decent jobs. Human Population is rising at exponential rate. We are estimated to be 9 billions in 2050.

Back to cricket,

What do you prefer other than IPL? 5 ODIs between WI-Pak?  Mammoth County season? You know what I don’t mind both of them, it’s their job, and in fact kind of surviving money, much needed,  for new WI players. So, despite all this and series doesn’t concern me, still I don’t find it pointless as much as people get ready to find pointless stuff on IPL. Why? Is it because you have audience to read you? Or want to act like you are special species? Think practical. What do you want? Another Srilanka-Ind, Ind-Bangla, Ind-Eng (ODI), Eng-Aus etc. etc. or Indian Employment League ergo IPL. There is not enough options in the cricket-world at the moment.

Do I want India vs. Eng or India vs Lanka India Vs SA or India Vs. Aus. or even India vs. Pak even test series at the moment???

Hell NO! Why? because I want to crave for that. I have just seen epic Ind-Lanka, Ind-Aus, and super epic Ind-SA (back to back) and mega epic WC victory of India. Then, how can you choose something else other than normal celebration of Cricket, IPL. I don’t even want to go through how money finishes the economy-circle. Let’s see. If certain players make money through IPL, what do they do with it? They invest it back to their respective countries, which creates/support employment even further.

Cricket has never generated money ergo employment in whole cricket history than IPL has. When you come up with something else or bigger than this for country’s and global economy, let me know. I am not saying everything is so cool with IPL, i.e. I want proper window open up for players + I want Pakistani players there etc. etc. (bat-ball balance issue has been dealt well this year, which I had problem last season)

Okay, that’s all of my rant for this season.

Stop acting too hard that you are the greatest test cricket lover and Cricket is under dark cloud. Well, to me, IPL has been brightness for many job seeking individuals, the small people, who earn their surviving money from it. And, yes, there weren’t enough opportunities before. I guarantee that.

It’s an Indian Employment League. And I always feel excited, when people do decent jobs and survive. 

The Most Heated Cricket Argument EVER, Who is the greatest Batsman?

1 Apr

Listen closely they make a great point, I have never seen anyone making this much sense till date. These guys know their cricket. I thought I knew cricket … phew. What an ignorant I was. Now, I am convinced after this argument, who is the greatest batsman. Please, listen carefully.

P.S. – I can assure you they are not talking about Saurav Ganguli, they are talking about someone else.

April Fool 😛

Bangladesh West Indies Stoned Bus Physics

4 Mar

Ever wonder why Cricketers should thank Physics Laws at Post Match Presentation!

Respect Physics

Respect Physics

Ever wonder why I almost failed my Drawing Classes from Grade 4th to Grade 7th!

India-England Tie made Group B Spicier

1 Mar

So, there was an Epic Battle between India and England on Sunday. I am still getting over the hangover of excitement from that day.

100 overs of battle and eventually it was tie. It doesn’t happen everyday or once a month. May be barely once a year, if you are lucky. But this doesn’t often in WC. You will have to wait for at least 3-4 years to happen something like that again.

So, it was kind of match, people will remember for few years, at least match’s outcome will be followed very keenly as Group stage progresses.


England play Ireland Tomorrow at Banglore (England will win 5 points)

Netherlands – SA at Chandigadh ( SA will win 4 points)

Bangladesh – West Indies at Mirpur (Bangla or West Indies will win 4 points)

England – South Africa at Chennai (South Africa or England will win 7 points if England win 6 points if SA)

India – Ireland at Banglore (India will win 5 points)

India – Netherlands at Delhi (India 7 points)

Ireland – West Indies at Chandigarh (WI 6 points, if loose against Bangla 4 points)

Bangladesh – England at Chittagong (England 9 points, if loose against SA 7 points)

India – South Africa at Nagpur (India 7 points or SA 8 points)

Bangla -Netherlands at Chittagong ( Bangla 6 points, if loose against WI 4 points)

Bangla – South Africa at Mirpur (South Africa 10 points, if loose against England 9 points)

and Finally

India – West Indies (India 9 points, if loose against SA 7 points)

So, it’s quite clear that If England India and South Africa loose against each other but win against others, they will clearly make it to QF. And there will be tussle between Bangla and WI for 4th spot.


a single match lose against so called “Minnows” will make things very very interesting. And I am afraid it can cause major upset for India and England. Why not South Africa, it’s because they have to loose twice. If south africa manages to loose both against India and England they will have 6 points assuming they will win others. Even with 6 points SA will make it since there Run Rate will be most likely higher.

But any lose for England or India will cause big headache and Bangla or WI have to loose against Netherlands or Ireland respectively for England or India still make it into QF.

So, this Tie is very happy happy news for Bangladesh and WI. They can both make it in to QF if they manage 2 win from here. Don’t count Ireland out of competition as well if they manage 3 win. Netherlands doesn’t look like having chance anymore. If they had beaten England it would have been major scene for England. But fortunately it didn’t happen.

Now, I am sure lot of India and England teams haters are giggling. “Yes Yes Yes Tie”

Well, don’t. Because they both can make it to QF, all they have to do is win rest of the matches, only one lose against SA can be affordable. Their lose against WI or Bangla will make things interesting, because that might make them fight for 4th spot.

People think India doesn’t deserve to be in QF, if they can’t defend 338 mammoth score like this! Well, may be they are right. But if Bangladesh or West Indies don’t take this opportunity and win 2 more matches from here then they don’t deserve to be in QF as well.

I apologize if I confused you, and I know it’s too early to make any assumptions.

But this group is still wide open.

Only Netherlands seem to be missing out from here. Rest can still claim spot in top 4.

My assumption is that India England West Indies and South Africa will make it to top 4, seeing how their bowling is shining and their run-rate bump up. May be match between Bangla and West Indies might decide who will go.

So, when Indians whine about FUDRS, please accept our regrets and complains, because that one blunder in important match like this might decide who will go through QF.

Steve Davies proves that he is Homo sapience

28 Feb

So, seriously, I didn’t know who Steve Davies was, which country is he from, was he a batsman or bowler until I read these two blogs..

I googled him, and then I found out he declared that he is gay.

Now, if you are following my tweets, blogs and know little bit about myself, I am sure you had slight idea that I am a Medical student.

I would love to share few videos about the reality of homosexuality, but due to copyrights issue, I can’t.

But, here is few points that I can note down from my books, history, natural science, and understanding.

1) Homosexuality is normal.

2) True homosexuality is totally neurological, nothing social. So, if you hang out with homosexuals, that doesn’t make you homosexual.

3) Sex preference decides sexuality for us. If you are married to heterosexual partner even if you have kids with them but prefer to have sex with your own sex partner that makes you homosexual.

4) No matter how much you will try to have fun with opposite sex partner, if you enjoys sex more with same sex partner, that means you are most likely to be homosexual.

5) If you find me make a homosexual joke, it is just a joke to send a message that it’s normal thing.

6) If you are hermaphrodite, have both female and males genitals, that doesn’t make you homosexual.

7) Your Genotype XX or XY doesn’t make you homosexual or heterosexual. E.g. Jamie Lee Curtis, yes the True Lies Strip dancing lady, she has an androgen insensitivity syndrome. That means she has an Genotype of XY (male) but her Testosterone hormones don’t work properly. So, she had both female and male genitals, she had an operation and adopted two kids. She is not a homosexual, even though she has genotype XY, she still prefers to have sex with Heterosexual partner. It’s the preference that decides sexuality.

8) I joke a lot about Man, who acts like Girl. To me they are Gay. Unusual. May be few Metro-sexual men, who act like Teenage Girls. That’s social. And that I am phobic about.

9) People who will want to search in Religious Books, and see what they have to say about, and then decide fate of that Human Being, that I am totally Phobic about.

10) Almost every species have this kind of Sexuality. Then, why are we running away from it? Why special rules for us?

11) I would prefer Homosexuals who will adopt parent less child than those makes 4+ babies and treat woman like a Baby Machine.

12) Humans try to fit themselves with particular sexual preference, so if you are homosexual you will know it as soon as you reach your puberty and then at your sexual stage later on. So, stop asking question to your self what sexuality I prefer. You will know it’s natural.

My Cliche’ for Homophobic goes like this

“If a man who doesn’t get excited by Two Lesbians’ Sex then that Man is Gay”.

Why I am writing all this? Because Steve Davies is a Cricketer, and he had balls to come out say this at 24, as JRod mentioned. Also, if people were known to these facts, that I have mentioned above and accepted it, then I wouldn’t have even blogged about it. And would have just said

“Meh, who cares”

Who wants to win World Cup for whom?

25 Feb

India wants to win World Cup for Sachin Tendulkar

Srilanka wants to win World Cup for Murali

South Africa wants to win World Cup for Kallis

NewZealand wants to win World Cup for Vettori

Kenya wants to win Wold Cup for Tikolo

Australia wants to win World Cup for Ponting

WestIndies wants to win World Cup for Brian Lara

Ireland wants to win World Cup for Eoin Morgan

Netherlands wants to win World Cup for Ryan Ten Doeschate

England wants to win World Cup for Stuart Broad

Bangladesh wants to win World Cup for Saurav Ganguli

Zimbabwe wants to win World Cup for Andy Flower

Pakistan wants to win World Cup for Ijaz Butt

Canada wants to win World Cup for Celine Dion and Micheal Fox and Sidney Crosby

“I will come to your house, and beat you up..”

22 Feb

Have you been to High school fights? Neighborhood fights?

If you say yes, then you will exactly know the meaning of title of this blog.

I am huge admire of  “Ahimsa”, but the thing is, as a mammals, and as a Homo sapience, I carry a trait of competitor. I LOVE to compete. Another thing is, I produce “Testosterone”. Yeh, so it gets into my nerve, and produce stuff. Forces me to do stuff.

Yes, woman may call it a mutation. But, comeon!! it’s good mutation right!! Who will give them perfect massage with our muscular fingers, if we, the Man, with Testosterone, don’t produce more muscle mass. Right!

Wait what! Ohh ok scratch the beginning.

Where was I, Yes, the title, fight, school fights.

I had been in to many friendly unfriendly school fights, I used to beat up my younger brother a lot. And because of that, I used to get beaten up by my Dad a LOT. And because of that I used to get into fights a lot in school. I mean sometimes in organized fights.

Like you know, in lunch recess, 1) you find out that one division of the class was mocking/teasing/flirting our divisions Girl. (Division means let say you are in 10th standard then we use to have 10A 10B 10C etc. I was always in “C” The best division ever. Trust me, it’s best everywhere all over the world. ) 2) You find out some dude just did a “parental swear”. I don’t know about now, but to me, at that time, my 99% of fights were regarding this. I can’t consume parental swear for some reason. Even if friend used to tell me in friendly manner, “you mother …..” I can still flip and I can easily say, that is uncool dude, and not an acceptable word.

Yeah, so it happened a lot. When young student of standard 5th, me, learning to fit in with this ‘parental swearing’ business, it was hard for me to ignore those pricks. And I already said, in an Alternative Story, I wrote earlier, how I hated bullies, who were harassing my brother. So, I used to make an outrageous, unbelievable and breath-taking “Dhamkiyas” = “Revenge Taking Angry Threats”.

1) Like if you piss me off one more time …

2) I give you 3 chances of forgiveness … then that’s it..

3) I will come to your house and beat you up right in front of your family.

etc. + few swearing words

So, you see it was all fun. Have I ever gone to anyone’s house and beat up anybody? No. Why? Because, it’s not morally right to beat up another man in front of his family, so we used to finish business in between lunch recess or after school fight club thingy.

Yeh, miss those days.

So, why am I writing all this? Well, because when Viru said against Bangladesh we have score to settle or it’s a revenge match, right in front of media. And you know how media treats you if you don’t do something you say. Or even fans treat like “hey, he is an arrogant man” And when that man fails fulfilling them, haters don’t hold back their ass, they will poop back on you. Bloggers will fart on you too. Like remember when he said Bangla is an ordinary side, and then India was in trouble in first inning! Yeh, lot of people must have pooped on our Viru. I am sure lot of did that Simpson’s Nelson’s Haha

Not this time.

When Viru said it’s revenge match against Bangladesh.

He really meant was “I will come to your house, and beat you up”

And he did.