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BCCI arm twisted ICC for associates

28 Jun

BCCI are in the power at the moment. They have deliberately arm-twisted rest of the Boards by showing their power and FORCED inclusion of Associate teams.

It has been learned that they bring lots of hits for blogoshere, sports sites, and daily columns, which keeps Cricket Floating. So, they have used their power to change ICC’s decision to include minnows for upcoming WC.

Poor Countries like Australia and New Zealand  have opposed this decision and didn’t want their tournament to get any dead matches. They insisted that they can barely tolerate how Bangladesh  and West Indies are playing their cricket then how can they allow even more minnows! It would cost them a lot.

However, It was again that powerful force .. evil force you can call it. BCCI. India. They are the one raised their big legs and crushed helpless countries like Australia and New Zealand, the host country of next world cup.

What were ICC doing at that time? Nothing. Or wait. As Kamran Abbassi told us that ICC = BCCI. So, I take that as God’s words and I am sure BCCI … ooops .. sorry ICC or BCCI have arm twisted other poor nations and forced them to play dead, boring, and one-sided matches against minnows.

So, I request all of you. To Create fake accounts with names like.

1) BCCI_Killing_Cricket

2) No_Veto_F0r_BCCI


4) Anti_BCCI

5) EVil_BCCI

6) InDia_Cant_Play_short_ball_BCCI

and then show your support against this decision for allowing super-minnows, who will destroy the image of Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket in next WC. Go to the Blogs and @ESPNcricket comment pages and spam them that it was the evil India behind this disgusting act. Go and tell them they have destroyed cricket by allowing Super-Minnows in the next WC.

Cricket died today because of BCCI.