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Bangladesh West Indies Stoned Bus Physics

4 Mar

Ever wonder why Cricketers should thank Physics Laws at Post Match Presentation!

Respect Physics

Respect Physics

Ever wonder why I almost failed my Drawing Classes from Grade 4th to Grade 7th!


India-England Tie made Group B Spicier

1 Mar

So, there was an Epic Battle between India and England on Sunday. I am still getting over the hangover of excitement from that day.

100 overs of battle and eventually it was tie. It doesn’t happen everyday or once a month. May be barely once a year, if you are lucky. But this doesn’t often in WC. You will have to wait for at least 3-4 years to happen something like that again.

So, it was kind of match, people will remember for few years, at least match’s outcome will be followed very keenly as Group stage progresses.


England play Ireland Tomorrow at Banglore (England will win 5 points)

Netherlands – SA at Chandigadh ( SA will win 4 points)

Bangladesh – West Indies at Mirpur (Bangla or West Indies will win 4 points)

England – South Africa at Chennai (South Africa or England will win 7 points if England win 6 points if SA)

India – Ireland at Banglore (India will win 5 points)

India – Netherlands at Delhi (India 7 points)

Ireland – West Indies at Chandigarh (WI 6 points, if loose against Bangla 4 points)

Bangladesh – England at Chittagong (England 9 points, if loose against SA 7 points)

India – South Africa at Nagpur (India 7 points or SA 8 points)

Bangla -Netherlands at Chittagong ( Bangla 6 points, if loose against WI 4 points)

Bangla – South Africa at Mirpur (South Africa 10 points, if loose against England 9 points)

and Finally

India – West Indies (India 9 points, if loose against SA 7 points)

So, it’s quite clear that If England India and South Africa loose against each other but win against others, they will clearly make it to QF. And there will be tussle between Bangla and WI for 4th spot.


a single match lose against so called “Minnows” will make things very very interesting. And I am afraid it can cause major upset for India and England. Why not South Africa, it’s because they have to loose twice. If south africa manages to loose both against India and England they will have 6 points assuming they will win others. Even with 6 points SA will make it since there Run Rate will be most likely higher.

But any lose for England or India will cause big headache and Bangla or WI have to loose against Netherlands or Ireland respectively for England or India still make it into QF.

So, this Tie is very happy happy news for Bangladesh and WI. They can both make it in to QF if they manage 2 win from here. Don’t count Ireland out of competition as well if they manage 3 win. Netherlands doesn’t look like having chance anymore. If they had beaten England it would have been major scene for England. But fortunately it didn’t happen.

Now, I am sure lot of India and England teams haters are giggling. “Yes Yes Yes Tie”

Well, don’t. Because they both can make it to QF, all they have to do is win rest of the matches, only one lose against SA can be affordable. Their lose against WI or Bangla will make things interesting, because that might make them fight for 4th spot.

People think India doesn’t deserve to be in QF, if they can’t defend 338 mammoth score like this! Well, may be they are right. But if Bangladesh or West Indies don’t take this opportunity and win 2 more matches from here then they don’t deserve to be in QF as well.

I apologize if I confused you, and I know it’s too early to make any assumptions.

But this group is still wide open.

Only Netherlands seem to be missing out from here. Rest can still claim spot in top 4.

My assumption is that India England West Indies and South Africa will make it to top 4, seeing how their bowling is shining and their run-rate bump up. May be match between Bangla and West Indies might decide who will go.

So, when Indians whine about FUDRS, please accept our regrets and complains, because that one blunder in important match like this might decide who will go through QF.