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K Fucking C

18 Jul

First thing first. If you are reading this, you probably would have noticed that I have changed Blog ID from cricketwithpoop to After doing that, my blog hits have decreased from 60 hits per day to 3-4 hits per day. You would think it’s bad. No, don’t think that way. I was getting hits for Australian Dingo Image search. The Dingo image I used, ended up on first image page of Google search ‘Australian Dingo’. It’s gone now for good. 

Now, that is out of the way, let’s get to the main topic. K Fucking C aka Terrorist aka Cancer aka Fast Food Companies. 

Today, I read this

on cricinfo, I wanted to write on this for so long, in fact, I wrote super hate comments on one of the Harsha Bhogle’s article, that how terrible their food quality is. My one comment appeared, when I said, fast food companies are biggest terrorist of our health. I have vivid memory of another comment that never got posted was something like that the amount of bulling this companies must have been doing in stock market and getting sponsorship for sports is one of the worst ever happen to our health.

I don’t know about Australia, but I can tell you that in North America Rise of Fast Food companies have perfect correlation with obesity in North America. 

Now, before you start reading this my ‘puke in my mouth’ piece, you must know that I was raised as a vegetarian, I am still vegetarian, I don’t drink or smoke. So, I will be very biased about this kind of sponsorship. 

In Article, read comments from Nutritionist Kathy Chapman, she puts it perfectly. 

“Seeing the Australian team thinking about their next KFC meal while they’re playing makes the kids that look up to these Australian players think ‘That’s the sort of thing I should be eating as well'”

That exactly what happens, since I have started watching Fast Food Companies commercials, I have been swearing every single time. They are so pushy and worst way to do marketing. You can sense that they are playing with human emotions. I haven’t seen single commercial, where they have showed nutritional logo or a line or two about how it’s going to help your daily nutritional need, when you will consume it. 

People don’t know what the quality of chicken is, how chicken was bred, for how long it’s been fried for, how many calories one piece of chicken can have, how many times same oil have been used, were there any food enhancer added (so you feel that it’s good despite whatever the food is) … nothing. 

What I know is that, it’s not for normal humans. It’s cheap, easy food, you don’t have to cook, you don’t have to spend any energy other than buy it, that’s why you gotta have it?!! 

The amount of calories they have are literally for Athletes. Those who work out every 3rd day. It’s NOT absolutely NOT for common household. Guess what, most of the athletes will rather tell you to stay away from them. Then, what’s the point of getting their sponsorship!! 

I have argued with many individuals about should we be eating meat or not on the first place, that is different issue.

And many animals are alive still exist because we consume them. It’s fact. Animals who are disappearing are the one we don’t care about or rather I should say, we don’t consume them. We eat them or their products that’s why we breed them. With same equation, If we eat more vegetables, we will produce more. Land will be acquired for that. Land will be saved. It’s not the same thing with Animal breeding. Look for Videos, how much land they require and how they have been treated. 

Look, I am not saying that Animals should not be killed, it’s immoral and all that, I would be the biggest hypocrite, if I say that. Almost every single medicine have been tried first on mammals. Almost every single, major health revolutionary drug or treatment have been tried on lab animals. They are the Martyr. They are the real heroes. (If I will be president, I have even planned to make their monuments in each city) But, it’s different issue. We need them to survive, and massively they need us to survive. 

The issue is totally separate. This is about our own self. It’s not about saving animals or anything or morality or anti-cruelty. It’s about saving our own health.

The most ironic thing is … recently, I have watched one video on Ted, where the person explains that the only way we can save Forrest lands or agricultural lands is to get sponsorship from these kind of fast food companies.  You can imagine that how much strength they must be having in stock-markets. 

You know every time I talked to professors and doctors they tell me that many health problems can been prevented just from fixing our diet. Our body has been so evolved and have enough equipment to fight against health problems, but if there is no proper fuel for it or raw material for it, it’s useless. 

Fast Food companies are making us crippled, leaving with no choice, and are smothering our culture. What happened to that Mother to Daughter food recipes? What happened to that enthusiasm to cook? What happened to that romance between partners in Kitchen? Do you know that energy is also well spend, while you are cooking. 

May be, I am over exaggerating. There are still many families, who get to gather and have preserved their food culture. 

But, these terrible numbers don’t lie. 1 out 4 children is obese. This is happening in almost every single country, which is plugged by fast food companies. Not only fast food companies, even compulsive eating out in restaurants is equally bad.

Have we become so lazy or busy that we are unable to learn or think about what’s going inside our body? I don’t think we are poor or can’t afford to cook or look for better options. Because, if you were poor, then you wouldn’t be having obesity problem, you would be starving and malnourished. 

Rant on Smoking and Alcohol, some other day. But, please I beg you, by getting proper nutrition will save you on health spending BIG time. If less people will get ill, funding can be focused more on major health issues. If change is made on large scale, it’s going to help our future generation on larger scale. 

And please, stop with this ‘for children’ slogan, it’s equally bad for adults as well. In fact, it’s worse for man, who are in their 30-50. Their cholesterol shoots up, add with all the stress. Perfect age for heart starting to give up. 

This is not one day or a week problem, it takes years to develop, it’s not like you ate something bad, you get infection, then you stop going there. It’s slow poison. I don’t know how many heart cases are out there just due to bad dieting. 

Authorities’ hands are tied, because of massive sponsorship and massive bullying in stock market. They control lots of money flow in economy. But we have choice because we are consumers. We can choose to live healthy life. We can choose to learn or look after ourselves, our families and future generation. No-one can force us to make unhealthy choices. 

And I have strong belief in humanity, we have made many changes in history, we have gone to the places where no living thing can reach there. So, making healthy food choices can’t be this tough! Right? 

P.S.: Did you know that someone conducted research on ‘beef-patty’ of McDonalds in basement, where they found, how there was no bacterial or fungal growth on it even after days?!!! google it. Imagine how much antibiotics must been used on it, so it can last longer!!