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K Fucking C

18 Jul

First thing first. If you are reading this, you probably would have noticed that I have changed Blog ID from cricketwithpoop to After doing that, my blog hits have decreased from 60 hits per day to 3-4 hits per day. You would think it’s bad. No, don’t think that way. I was getting hits for Australian Dingo Image search. The Dingo image I used, ended up on first image page of Google search ‘Australian Dingo’. It’s gone now for good. 

Now, that is out of the way, let’s get to the main topic. K Fucking C aka Terrorist aka Cancer aka Fast Food Companies. 

Today, I read this

on cricinfo, I wanted to write on this for so long, in fact, I wrote super hate comments on one of the Harsha Bhogle’s article, that how terrible their food quality is. My one comment appeared, when I said, fast food companies are biggest terrorist of our health. I have vivid memory of another comment that never got posted was something like that the amount of bulling this companies must have been doing in stock market and getting sponsorship for sports is one of the worst ever happen to our health.

I don’t know about Australia, but I can tell you that in North America Rise of Fast Food companies have perfect correlation with obesity in North America. 

Now, before you start reading this my ‘puke in my mouth’ piece, you must know that I was raised as a vegetarian, I am still vegetarian, I don’t drink or smoke. So, I will be very biased about this kind of sponsorship. 

In Article, read comments from Nutritionist Kathy Chapman, she puts it perfectly. 

“Seeing the Australian team thinking about their next KFC meal while they’re playing makes the kids that look up to these Australian players think ‘That’s the sort of thing I should be eating as well'”

That exactly what happens, since I have started watching Fast Food Companies commercials, I have been swearing every single time. They are so pushy and worst way to do marketing. You can sense that they are playing with human emotions. I haven’t seen single commercial, where they have showed nutritional logo or a line or two about how it’s going to help your daily nutritional need, when you will consume it. 

People don’t know what the quality of chicken is, how chicken was bred, for how long it’s been fried for, how many calories one piece of chicken can have, how many times same oil have been used, were there any food enhancer added (so you feel that it’s good despite whatever the food is) … nothing. 

What I know is that, it’s not for normal humans. It’s cheap, easy food, you don’t have to cook, you don’t have to spend any energy other than buy it, that’s why you gotta have it?!! 

The amount of calories they have are literally for Athletes. Those who work out every 3rd day. It’s NOT absolutely NOT for common household. Guess what, most of the athletes will rather tell you to stay away from them. Then, what’s the point of getting their sponsorship!! 

I have argued with many individuals about should we be eating meat or not on the first place, that is different issue.

And many animals are alive still exist because we consume them. It’s fact. Animals who are disappearing are the one we don’t care about or rather I should say, we don’t consume them. We eat them or their products that’s why we breed them. With same equation, If we eat more vegetables, we will produce more. Land will be acquired for that. Land will be saved. It’s not the same thing with Animal breeding. Look for Videos, how much land they require and how they have been treated. 

Look, I am not saying that Animals should not be killed, it’s immoral and all that, I would be the biggest hypocrite, if I say that. Almost every single medicine have been tried first on mammals. Almost every single, major health revolutionary drug or treatment have been tried on lab animals. They are the Martyr. They are the real heroes. (If I will be president, I have even planned to make their monuments in each city) But, it’s different issue. We need them to survive, and massively they need us to survive. 

The issue is totally separate. This is about our own self. It’s not about saving animals or anything or morality or anti-cruelty. It’s about saving our own health.

The most ironic thing is … recently, I have watched one video on Ted, where the person explains that the only way we can save Forrest lands or agricultural lands is to get sponsorship from these kind of fast food companies.  You can imagine that how much strength they must be having in stock-markets. 

You know every time I talked to professors and doctors they tell me that many health problems can been prevented just from fixing our diet. Our body has been so evolved and have enough equipment to fight against health problems, but if there is no proper fuel for it or raw material for it, it’s useless. 

Fast Food companies are making us crippled, leaving with no choice, and are smothering our culture. What happened to that Mother to Daughter food recipes? What happened to that enthusiasm to cook? What happened to that romance between partners in Kitchen? Do you know that energy is also well spend, while you are cooking. 

May be, I am over exaggerating. There are still many families, who get to gather and have preserved their food culture. 

But, these terrible numbers don’t lie. 1 out 4 children is obese. This is happening in almost every single country, which is plugged by fast food companies. Not only fast food companies, even compulsive eating out in restaurants is equally bad.

Have we become so lazy or busy that we are unable to learn or think about what’s going inside our body? I don’t think we are poor or can’t afford to cook or look for better options. Because, if you were poor, then you wouldn’t be having obesity problem, you would be starving and malnourished. 

Rant on Smoking and Alcohol, some other day. But, please I beg you, by getting proper nutrition will save you on health spending BIG time. If less people will get ill, funding can be focused more on major health issues. If change is made on large scale, it’s going to help our future generation on larger scale. 

And please, stop with this ‘for children’ slogan, it’s equally bad for adults as well. In fact, it’s worse for man, who are in their 30-50. Their cholesterol shoots up, add with all the stress. Perfect age for heart starting to give up. 

This is not one day or a week problem, it takes years to develop, it’s not like you ate something bad, you get infection, then you stop going there. It’s slow poison. I don’t know how many heart cases are out there just due to bad dieting. 

Authorities’ hands are tied, because of massive sponsorship and massive bullying in stock market. They control lots of money flow in economy. But we have choice because we are consumers. We can choose to live healthy life. We can choose to learn or look after ourselves, our families and future generation. No-one can force us to make unhealthy choices. 

And I have strong belief in humanity, we have made many changes in history, we have gone to the places where no living thing can reach there. So, making healthy food choices can’t be this tough! Right? 

P.S.: Did you know that someone conducted research on ‘beef-patty’ of McDonalds in basement, where they found, how there was no bacterial or fungal growth on it even after days?!!! google it. Imagine how much antibiotics must been used on it, so it can last longer!! 


The Final and Me

1 Apr

So, This is it. Final.

The dream. The Pain. The belief. The Trust. The destiny.

The End. All ends here.

In Mumbai, the dream starts at 2:30 local Indian Time at Wankhede.

I would not like to be in 2nd place now. We are almost there. I know… I know you are sore, guys, you are in pain, mental exhaustion more than physical. Because you can numb your physical exhaustion, but mental exhaustion on top of more mental pressure of ‘what it is to be in the Final and not win’.

Phew. It’s horrible, if that happens.

I want to share my personal sports experience.

I was in around grade 8. I had just won the state championship in Judo, weight 35-40 Kg, beating 6 opponents. So, it wasn’t an easy tournament, I played at home. So, you can say, it looks like I had the home advantage. But, in reality, I didn’t. When almost your whole family comes there to support you, to cheer for you, you can hardly distinguish who is shouting or what is being shouted!

You can recognize their voices, while you are fighting. And THAT can be distracting if you are the emotional kind. But, I defied all that – I beat all 6 of them. I still remember how much Glucose powder and water I was chugging after each fight. I was literally boiling. I couldn’t drink much water because I was on an empty stomach. I was so exhausted when I got on Mats for Medal, The Final Fight.

I couldn’t feel my limbs as much as I wanted to. I couldn’t grip my opponent’s Judogi properly. He was slightly skinnier but taller than me. I had wide shoulders, he had very strong legs, constantly moving. In short, he was quicker than me. His Fight- Body position was slightly leaning FWD, that’s offensive posture.

But I don’t know what happened at the time. I have this thing for Mats. I have this thing for the battlefield. Whenever I get on mats, something happens to me. I become an animal. Even in friendly matches, I had sometimes done very offensive throws on my team-mates. AND yes, I have been slapped/scolded for that kind of approach.

So, anyway, I started to stare at my opponent, and did not let him grip my Judogi for 20-30 seconds.

And then, a sudden burst of Epinephrine started to fire. I went for Morote Seoi Nage. Got Point Yuko, which is not enough to win.

Then again. Same Throw. Point – Yuko. Then again same throw, Point – Koka.

I was just so tired. And Time was done. I had won. I couldn’t believe I had just won the 2nd state championship.

Happy Moments.

Not for long though.

We had to go to a 7-day training camp, including those who came 2nd. All weight categories, to prepare for National.

But here was the problem. There was re-fight between the 1st and 2nd on the 7th day, whoever won that went through to National.


I was warned by my master, that DO NOT EVER SHOW YOUR TACTICS, your strength, your abilities in these 7 days.

But I couldn’t help it. I got on the mats in a practice session. We were practicing how to get out from most severe holds. I had developed so many techniques getting out of holds. Many unorthodoxtechniques, just like MSD’s unorthodox shots. In that friendly practice, I was being held by one ofthe boys who was in 40-45 kg category. He held me so tight. My neck was in severe pain. I started to forget those words from my master (to not expose my strength).

Sadly, that epinephrine thing, Mat thing, the animal thing, kicked in. I pulled off from that hold. Igot out of that hold. Using my unique style. People were stunned. The coach who was training us fornational was stunned.

Everyone clapped. My chest swelled. I smiled inside saying “Yes” “I am the one” “I know I amspecial”.

Unfortunately, this practice session was just the day before final Re-Fight day.

You can sense, inside of my mind, I was confident, so confident that ‘Meh, I will beat him the 2ndtime easily”. A guy who shared a room with me, with other fighters for 6 days, who became friendswith me, training together, playing together, eating together etc.

Also, my whole family traveled to the place a day before the re-match, with all of my Judo-teachers.

From our batch, there were 3 more girls and one boy, me. But, who was the one, they were the most confident about! Me. They knew I had the most amount of skills, strength, and hunger to win this again. That coach who saw me like this in practice session told my master what happened, and what I could do the night before. I was in trouble. He came to me and showed me angry eyes, telling me ‘what on earth was I doing! Showing off! I warned you not to show off!’

I was psyched, I saw my whole family had come to watch this re-match. Even my cousins came to see this. They all surprised me. I was happy, but I got so psyched with all this. I was so confused.

Suddenly the Evil question troubled me for whole night.“Can I actually re-win this again?”

The moment that question started to roam around my lobes, it was like a hideous parasite was roaming around jumping from one lobe to another. I was in shock. My face was like the face of an 80-year old who was suffering from constipation. All other weight categories, knew that ‘Meh this guy will make it for sure’ and we had even started to plan for our great journey ahead going to play national.

But that “Can I actually re-win this again?” – that … dreadful virus … actually parasite in fact, was haunting me. No-one knew about it. Only I knew about it. Only I could feel it.

I was under a clinical depression kind of thing.

And the bubble burst. I got on the mats, I felt I had nothing left in me with all this mental exhaustion. I was going for throws, all half hearted, no strength at all. Couldn’t execute any throws. My eyes were searching for help. I knew I was in trouble. Time was running. My opponent managed to get Yuko point. Only 1:30 left. I was going for fluke throws, nothing was working. I tried at least 4 times that good old Morote Seoi Nage, the one that won me my gold medal. Nothing worked. My opponent was sensing fear in my eyes. It was like he had decoded me in these 7 days. I was losing. My dreams were shattering. I still remember my masters’ attempt to help me do this and that, showing signs, he never does that to anyone. I remember those disappointed faces on my cousin’s eyes, who came specially far away to watch me win so I can go to the national, which was avery big thing. I was in pain. Not physical. Mental.

And it happened. End time bell rang.

I lost.

I was shattered.

After match, my cousins were trying to console me. I was running away from everyone. I wanted an empty place. I wanted an alone place, I could feel that something was going to happen to me.

We had to line-up for a resign letter from this camp. Official letter that stated that our Camp wasover, and we were going home.

I burst in tears there. I cried like, I never did in my entire life …. till today I haven’t cried like that. I was in grade 8. But still, I won one more state championship before this, I went to national beforethis. This was my 2nd. But I cried.

I was given nickname “Parshurama” by my Master. Why? Google that name. Google that Giant and look how that character has been portrayed and described.

“Parshuram” cried like a baby that day.


The most dreadful day of my life. I still remember that I cried and saying “I don’t want to go home, I want to go to the national”.

But, you can see that I didn’t actually deserve to win. I was mentally weak.

So, what’s the connection of this with Cricket? I just wanted to give glimpse of this Final and Players, try to see from a different perspective what competitors go through days or hours before big match. I know I was just a tiny boy and it is like dirt compared to a massive cricket world cup final and team India.

However, the intensity of pain that will be felt from loss, will not be that different.

So, I wish Team India to pull this off. Don’t make the mistakes I did.

Please, don’t be psyched by occasion.

Please, try to ignore those billions’ expectations.

Do the right thing.

And the right thing is

to Win it

For yourselves.

This is it.

The Final. 

EDIT: P.S. – Thank You Team India For winning the World Cup. Edited at 4/20/2011

My 5 cents on 50,000 Pounds

7 Feb

1) Think logically, no-one pays you that much of money for 3 no-ball. It has to be the Trap.

2) Many Players don’t even make this much of money for whole Fucking Season, even if you are playing under very rich Board.

3) You have to be very patient to get respect, money, and chance when you make cricket as your career. i.e. look at number of cricketers who didn’t play much of cricket but they can still work as a commentator or TV presenter. So, you can’t jump to 50,000 pounds from just your even less than 10 seasons of playing cricket.

4) Don’t take anything granted once you are in Sport, Hero becomes Zero in couple of Seconds. If you are skill full, good for you, can you show us and prove it every time you are on field? So, try to be down to Earth. There is always someone better than you.

5) Out of All three  Butt, Asif and Aamer. I will miss Asif.

That’s my 5 cents.

My 3rd Day of Cape Town on Twitter January 4th 2011

5 Jan

“zzz” I wasn’t actually sleeping.

“More off that please.” When Sachin played pull shot to Tsotsobe

“Use the feet against Harris, he is at your feet.” Harris is was so easy to play when you come forward, so I tweeted it. Seeing him getting bounce, because of his height.

“Captown Ghost is still sleeping though.” I was just trying to compare this inning with Sachin’s 169 (which is my all time favorite.

“A guy just tickle-kick a girl to let her know she is on camera!! Dude a respect for a lady please?” I just saw a guy friendly kicked girl, I never kicked girl in my life. Why do you even want to kick a girl anyway!

“Polly is pawning Mike Haysman lol #cricket” Pollock was explaining Tsotsobe’s foot problem. Mike Haysman made a blunder. But, Polly politely corrected him.

“And the candy scream by Tso TSo” Tsotsobe cried when his edged went to 4.

“Bhajji watching this. ?” Few bowls (2) were turning enough by Paul Harris to beat the batsman.

“Scrambled seam #ftw”  Tsotsobe was using scrambled seam short-good length wide pitches to Sachin, and he wasn’t timing it before of Akward pace and bounce from Scrambled seam.

“That wasn’t an edge” Steyn laughed and everyone appealed for an edge, but it wasn’t an edge, umpire rightly got that one.

“Spinbhajan Singh.” I retweeted this. @bigfatphoenix aka Anand Ramachandran

“I am sure others have mentioned it already, India has always played with 4 bowlers.” Sarcastic tweet against commentators claiming Kallis’ bowling will be missed.

“@Slbry That’s why there is captain who can manage 4 bowlers when demanded.” My Reply to this tweet “@Knowledge_Poop Those accustomed to 5 will feel pinched with 4.”

“JP Duminney just stopped his captain’s shot. He should be nervous now.” JP was on for Kallis fielded really well, stopped many runs of Sachin, who was his captain for Mumbai Indians.

“VVS is the word.” VVS smashed 4 to Paul Harris.

“Google Australian Dingo go to images click on first photo.” Do this, you will be surprised 😛

“Peterson is for batting in my fantasy team. Easy there with bowling average. Son.” He was leaking runs. He was in my fantasy team.

“WTF” VVS’ run-out.

“You mother …” Frustration by the way he was run-out.

“WTF VVS was doing, standing and watching. WTF” Frustration after watching replay.

“@AltCricket My 60% hits. :)” reply from @AltCricket @Knowledge_Poop haha you must be proud… who reply to me for my google Australian Dingo Tweet.

“And the crowd is showing their real ass douche character chanting and clapping adding pressure. SHUT UP” Against crowd, SRT was in 90’s.

“Too tall bowler to hit the stump.” Morne Morkel

“Che is protecting SRT. Nice I am off to bed. I will explode. zzz” Pujara took a single to retain the strike, before lunch was called. And I wasn’t sleeping.

“Move Aside Wasim Akram, New Kid is in town? His name is Dale Steyn Too early?” Steyn’s delivery to Pujara just eclipsed Wasim akram’s great delivery, which was given not-out. It swung a LOT.

“Still Captown Ghost is sleeping.” You know what I meant there. 🙂

“Bloody Fighter Plane” Styen’s wicket to Dhoni

“@SpiceBoxofEarth Swann’s strike rate in this ashes has been 75+” I tweeted on @SpiceBoxofEarth Dileep Premachandran’s Tweet.

“I keep reading references to Swann as the world’s best bowler. Not on the planet I inhabit. There’s Steyn, and then daylight.”

“Well that’s one way you can loose the bowl, The Sehwag’s way” Sehwag once in his domestic match said to his partner, when they were having trouble with swing the bowl was producing. He said something like to his partner. We have to loose the bowl. His partner surprised and said what. Then, Sehwag just smashed the bowl right out of the park. So, they lost the bowl. Thus, lost the swing. Bhajji was smashing it that time so I tweeted it’s The Sehwag’s way.

“First attempt by Morne to disturb someone and he tried Sachin” I have never seen Morne Sledge in the whole match, or do anything in  whole match. Sachin was taking single and Morne widened his arm so Sachin can’t take single. It looked friendly obstruction. But, Morne wasn’t laughing.

“They appealed when he didn’t nick it” Appeal which was turned down, and Steyn didn’t appeal properly when Sachin seem to have nicked it. It was not-out clearly when they appealed it properly.

“WOWWW Ian GOuld I am your fan” Ian Gould’s decision, when Steyn’s one of many unplayable bowl passed the out-side edge but kissed the stump but didn’t dislodge the bails. Speed of bowl was 138km. In real time, you have to be very good to catch that.

“@straightpoint I can’t believe it how did he get this one.” My Tweet to @straightpoint pankaj sharma’s tweet “sensational decision…”

“ASHES can gift me the trophy still it doesn’t beat the intensity of this match. So I will decline it.”

“lol… when you can’t dislodge the bails at 138kph, when the fuck can you…. bastard superman, how do you do it?” My Retweet of @achettup

“Now I can go to pee” Over change, wasn’t moving. Match was intense.

“SRT is taking Steyn when India at only 6 down. The highest possible tribute to a bowler. #Newlands #cricket” My Retweet of @cricketingview Kartikeya Date

“Best bowler in the world vs best batsman in the world. Test cricket at its very finest.” My Retweet of @AltCricket

“I’m not bothered about the result. In terms of quality, this is the best Test I’ve watched in years. #cricket #Newlands” My Retweet of @SpiceBoxofEarth Dileep Premachandran

“@SpiceBoxofEarth Durban wasn’t bad either. So, will say this whole series has been fantastic.” My reply to his tweet above.

“Captown ghost is slightly moving his eyes”

“I haven’t slept for whole night.”

“Scrambled Seam SCREW THis Tso Tso”

“@straightpoint I just might if we don’t pull it off. Hard work is done on this. :(” My reply to@straightpoint’s tweet “you won’t regret it either… RT @Knowledge_Poop: I haven’t slept for whole night.”

“Hahah Sachin to Bhajji: Bichme Khada rahe (stand in the middle)”

“and in the meantime… please find a time to take a bow to the curator of this pitch… #newland” My Retweet of @Straightpoint

“Captown ghost slightly opening an eye” Sachin was hitting runs comfortably.

“I’m looking for all those folks who say Sachin has never played a crucial innings when it mattered… you can come out now as hypocrits” My Retweet of @achettup

“@achettup They aren’t hypocrites they are Bacteria, they grow in certain temperature, when he plays and other fails.” My reply to his tweet.

“WTF is this guy on?” Paul Harris was given bowl.

“@straightpoint He is middling everything for last 45 min.” Response to @straightpoint: “this would be one of the most ugly yet most satisfying 100 of sachin…”

“@cricketwballs watching test match right now?” To JRod

“@paddlesweep And he is no way looking like wants to retire anytime soon. :)” My tweet to @paddlesweep’s tweet

“For the record, we never said, in our 500 or so posts, that Sachin doesn’t play well under pressure. So come out you fuckwits, and watch!” His response “@Knowledge_Poop People like Him and Kallis are needed to be revered specially when greats like punter are acting all twattilicious.” My response: “@paddlesweep They both are inspiring each other”

“hahha” Bhajji hit 4 to Paul Harris

“THat turned” This one turned. (he turned 2)

“@Knowledge_Poop Harris turned a ball? #apocalypse #rsavind” @MeikoElektra Meiko Georgouras asked

I replied in later tweet @MeikoElektra Shit Happens. 🙂

“K I am feeling hangover without Alcohol”

“@HomerTweets Honor. Btw. You are my top follower as well. So double honor.”

“62 more to go.”

“Btw. I am not tweeting after this test.”

“@Knowledge_Poop oye… only 162 to go… don’t we need lead… ;)” @straightpoint asked

I replied “@straightpoint 62 to go to level it Sir. Real Match Start afterwards. :)”

“This is going to go only one way. Is Par ya us Par #hindi” Steyn was brought back into attack Bhajji was facing.

“OMG US par it went” Bhajji hit a six to Steyn. It was very well connected. The bowl wasn’t short, it was on a good length. Hard to hit those like this so easily.

“It was so beautiful that he started crying” Bhajj got something in his eyes.

“@DaleSteyn62 LOL” Yup, I teased him of seeing Bhajji hitting six to the world best bowler

“@achettup LOL” my response to @achettup’s tweet “oh man… I can see another monkeygate incident coming up at this rate… Sachin and Bhajji together again…”

“@BugsAndBails And he is missing” my response to @BugsAndBails Rahul B  “Did someone notice SRT hasn’t scored for like 15 balls now? Bhajji has climbed to 33, SRT stuck on 134.” He replied “@Knowledge_Poop Yeah. But has been playing for around 300 balls. Seems tired.” I replied “@BugsAndBails He was middling everything before Bhajji got whole lot ofstrike he lost strike and missing.Well He can’t tire,now, lot to play”

“SRT now has more Test hundreds in SA than any other visiting batsman – 5. Hammond and Harvey have 4.” My retweet of cricketingview Kartikeya Date

“@paddlesweep That delivery just beat this one Unplayable.” My response to

@paddlesweep Paddle Sweep’s frustrated tweet seeing scorecard “I am worried about the next generation indian team. WTF Pujara. See you after tea”
The end

I could not watch whole day match.

But this was my Golden Moment of Tweeting and Watching Cricket.

We can forget Tweets and Blogs, but memories are unforgettable.

Thank You India and South Africa for these memories.

Back to Reality!

18 Nov

I don’t know what was I doing here. I tried to amuse my self and others, but it looked like its not that easy as it sounds and all I can say it takes lot of energy to blog .

So, from just mere 29 blogs, all I can say that if you are fan of certain blogs, please don’t forget to appreciate them at least once on their blog. Blogger feels great, trust me. I don’t know if I am going to blog again. But, if you have read any of my post, then thank you for taking your time out from your busy life.

I had to stop blogging and tweeting, because may be I was running away from my first (but not may be last) fantasy to treat or heal somebody in pain. May be through this blog I was trying to heal my own self.

But I forgot the rule of being in Medical School.

No Pain No Gain.

If I was thinking I was under pain of strenuous studying, then I was suppose to have pain.

We are Masochist.

So, I thank everyone who have visited, read, Blog Rolled, trackbacked, or pingbacked this blog.

I have to feel the pain again.

Life is not a fantasy. It is real life. No-one can run away from reality.

May be I was running after fantasy before gaining my reality.

So, let me gain my reality, then I will run after Fantasy.

Thank You for reading.




P.S. – Please, continue supporting blogs, whose fantasy and reality are the blogging.

Inspirational Video

6 Nov

Real Main Version

Shorter Version on Opera’s Show