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My Bowlers Don’t Get Credit and I don’t like it

20 Jul

Yeh, that’s right … This is Angry Post … so if you are batsman or masturbater-kind over glorious cover drives … FO. 

All Of you … Every single Indian of You … cricket lover of you are guilty of this sin … those who said India produces Great batsmen only. 


“Ooohh wow Great WI bowlers … legends. Oooh Great Pakistani Duo. Ooooh Oooh Murali. OOoo Australian Bowlers …. Ooooh Dale Styen. Oooohh English bowlers in English Condition”. 


Shut Up. 

Who the fuck … who the fucking fuck has been taking 20 wickets from 2000-2011. My Dady? No! Your Daddy? No. Then, Shut up your mouth … you have cavity. 

India has played 42 test series 23 WON 10 Draw series = 33 = not lost. 33 out of 42 test series NOT LOST. 

Did your batsman come down from hell and took 20 freaken wickets???? NO.

My Bowlers Did. Yes .. Those Skinny Bastards. Those Skinny Bastards also .. had to bat and bared taunting from commentators the way they bat … the shady techniques they have … laughed at while they took a rapid signals to get off the strike after bowling under ugly sun. (I hope Sun doesn’t read this)

How many times your ‘batsmen’ … your 3 Gods + Your Dasher … Bowl and helped taking 20 wickets? Once … thrice .. I will give you 5 tests. Then … who took those wickets? My Daddy? Your Daddy? NO .. You? NO … My Skinny Bastards. 

Let say you have full respect for Kumble. I agree. But what after him? Did we crash like Aus did Post-Warne? Did we ..? No right! 

Were there only Mammoth BATTERS responsible for those wins? 

You rated them recently … Gave them least score … gave Australia FULL mark. Then, Worshiped Dale Styen. Masturbate over English bowlers in English Condition .. but WTF happened in WC. 

Oh WOW the WORST rated bowling team WON the world CUP. Didn’t they? 

You You You … Pseudo supporter of Indian bowlers. You haven’t done great in giving credit to my bowlers too. One say Zak is God, rest are meh! Really?, Zak had done great against Aus and Bangla in last 3-4 years. What about other series? What have you done?

You said ‘Oh Oh Ishant is inconsistent, IPL has ruined him, Oh oh Bhajji should have been dropped, He is SO bad that he is dragging our team down, oh oh Plaha sucks, Oh Oh Sree .. ‘he is Lunatic’ ‘Overrated bowler’ He is more of an actor than performer, Ojha oh we don’t respect left arm spinner, they ‘AREN’T’ actually real spinner, Munaf!? ‘He has become spinner’  … 

Are you getting it what I am trying to say?

Put one hand on your heart, look at the pitches my bowlers bowled at …  look at the scorecard for last 5 years. I say, look at the score card for even whole decade. And tell me, are you doing enough justice to my bowlers. 

Are my bowlers (plant) lost among three giant batsmen (trees)? Has proper sun-light reached them? Shouldn’t they be praised more in Media, because they are the one who took 20 wickets, no?  for 32 NO LOSS test series? 

What is more easy … playing 200+ dot balls and be MOM or bowling 1oo deliveries running hard … jumping hard .. and still occasionally been asked to play ‘Night Watchman’ to shield your batsman? Just tell me now, what is easier? 

My Bowlers are Work Horses. They are like factories, who never say no, till their system failure due to overload. They are Stallions. Your Batsman are Just Bull Dogs. 

And I like my Stallions as much as I like my Bull Dogs. And you should too. 

– By Angry Knowledge_Eater’s Bowler’ Mind.



My 3rd Day of Cape Town on Twitter January 4th 2011

5 Jan

“zzz” I wasn’t actually sleeping.

“More off that please.” When Sachin played pull shot to Tsotsobe

“Use the feet against Harris, he is at your feet.” Harris is was so easy to play when you come forward, so I tweeted it. Seeing him getting bounce, because of his height.

“Captown Ghost is still sleeping though.” I was just trying to compare this inning with Sachin’s 169 (which is my all time favorite.

“A guy just tickle-kick a girl to let her know she is on camera!! Dude a respect for a lady please?” I just saw a guy friendly kicked girl, I never kicked girl in my life. Why do you even want to kick a girl anyway!

“Polly is pawning Mike Haysman lol #cricket” Pollock was explaining Tsotsobe’s foot problem. Mike Haysman made a blunder. But, Polly politely corrected him.

“And the candy scream by Tso TSo” Tsotsobe cried when his edged went to 4.

“Bhajji watching this. ?” Few bowls (2) were turning enough by Paul Harris to beat the batsman.

“Scrambled seam #ftw”  Tsotsobe was using scrambled seam short-good length wide pitches to Sachin, and he wasn’t timing it before of Akward pace and bounce from Scrambled seam.

“That wasn’t an edge” Steyn laughed and everyone appealed for an edge, but it wasn’t an edge, umpire rightly got that one.

“Spinbhajan Singh.” I retweeted this. @bigfatphoenix aka Anand Ramachandran

“I am sure others have mentioned it already, India has always played with 4 bowlers.” Sarcastic tweet against commentators claiming Kallis’ bowling will be missed.

“@Slbry That’s why there is captain who can manage 4 bowlers when demanded.” My Reply to this tweet “@Knowledge_Poop Those accustomed to 5 will feel pinched with 4.”

“JP Duminney just stopped his captain’s shot. He should be nervous now.” JP was on for Kallis fielded really well, stopped many runs of Sachin, who was his captain for Mumbai Indians.

“VVS is the word.” VVS smashed 4 to Paul Harris.

“Google Australian Dingo go to images click on first photo.” Do this, you will be surprised 😛

“Peterson is for batting in my fantasy team. Easy there with bowling average. Son.” He was leaking runs. He was in my fantasy team.

“WTF” VVS’ run-out.

“You mother …” Frustration by the way he was run-out.

“WTF VVS was doing, standing and watching. WTF” Frustration after watching replay.

“@AltCricket My 60% hits. :)” reply from @AltCricket @Knowledge_Poop haha you must be proud… who reply to me for my google Australian Dingo Tweet.

“And the crowd is showing their real ass douche character chanting and clapping adding pressure. SHUT UP” Against crowd, SRT was in 90’s.

“Too tall bowler to hit the stump.” Morne Morkel

“Che is protecting SRT. Nice I am off to bed. I will explode. zzz” Pujara took a single to retain the strike, before lunch was called. And I wasn’t sleeping.

“Move Aside Wasim Akram, New Kid is in town? His name is Dale Steyn Too early?” Steyn’s delivery to Pujara just eclipsed Wasim akram’s great delivery, which was given not-out. It swung a LOT.

“Still Captown Ghost is sleeping.” You know what I meant there. 🙂

“Bloody Fighter Plane” Styen’s wicket to Dhoni

“@SpiceBoxofEarth Swann’s strike rate in this ashes has been 75+” I tweeted on @SpiceBoxofEarth Dileep Premachandran’s Tweet.

“I keep reading references to Swann as the world’s best bowler. Not on the planet I inhabit. There’s Steyn, and then daylight.”

“Well that’s one way you can loose the bowl, The Sehwag’s way” Sehwag once in his domestic match said to his partner, when they were having trouble with swing the bowl was producing. He said something like to his partner. We have to loose the bowl. His partner surprised and said what. Then, Sehwag just smashed the bowl right out of the park. So, they lost the bowl. Thus, lost the swing. Bhajji was smashing it that time so I tweeted it’s The Sehwag’s way.

“First attempt by Morne to disturb someone and he tried Sachin” I have never seen Morne Sledge in the whole match, or do anything in  whole match. Sachin was taking single and Morne widened his arm so Sachin can’t take single. It looked friendly obstruction. But, Morne wasn’t laughing.

“They appealed when he didn’t nick it” Appeal which was turned down, and Steyn didn’t appeal properly when Sachin seem to have nicked it. It was not-out clearly when they appealed it properly.

“WOWWW Ian GOuld I am your fan” Ian Gould’s decision, when Steyn’s one of many unplayable bowl passed the out-side edge but kissed the stump but didn’t dislodge the bails. Speed of bowl was 138km. In real time, you have to be very good to catch that.

“@straightpoint I can’t believe it how did he get this one.” My Tweet to @straightpoint pankaj sharma’s tweet “sensational decision…”

“ASHES can gift me the trophy still it doesn’t beat the intensity of this match. So I will decline it.”

“lol… when you can’t dislodge the bails at 138kph, when the fuck can you…. bastard superman, how do you do it?” My Retweet of @achettup

“Now I can go to pee” Over change, wasn’t moving. Match was intense.

“SRT is taking Steyn when India at only 6 down. The highest possible tribute to a bowler. #Newlands #cricket” My Retweet of @cricketingview Kartikeya Date

“Best bowler in the world vs best batsman in the world. Test cricket at its very finest.” My Retweet of @AltCricket

“I’m not bothered about the result. In terms of quality, this is the best Test I’ve watched in years. #cricket #Newlands” My Retweet of @SpiceBoxofEarth Dileep Premachandran

“@SpiceBoxofEarth Durban wasn’t bad either. So, will say this whole series has been fantastic.” My reply to his tweet above.

“Captown ghost is slightly moving his eyes”

“I haven’t slept for whole night.”

“Scrambled Seam SCREW THis Tso Tso”

“@straightpoint I just might if we don’t pull it off. Hard work is done on this. :(” My reply to@straightpoint’s tweet “you won’t regret it either… RT @Knowledge_Poop: I haven’t slept for whole night.”

“Hahah Sachin to Bhajji: Bichme Khada rahe (stand in the middle)”

“and in the meantime… please find a time to take a bow to the curator of this pitch… #newland” My Retweet of @Straightpoint

“Captown ghost slightly opening an eye” Sachin was hitting runs comfortably.

“I’m looking for all those folks who say Sachin has never played a crucial innings when it mattered… you can come out now as hypocrits” My Retweet of @achettup

“@achettup They aren’t hypocrites they are Bacteria, they grow in certain temperature, when he plays and other fails.” My reply to his tweet.

“WTF is this guy on?” Paul Harris was given bowl.

“@straightpoint He is middling everything for last 45 min.” Response to @straightpoint: “this would be one of the most ugly yet most satisfying 100 of sachin…”

“@cricketwballs watching test match right now?” To JRod

“@paddlesweep And he is no way looking like wants to retire anytime soon. :)” My tweet to @paddlesweep’s tweet

“For the record, we never said, in our 500 or so posts, that Sachin doesn’t play well under pressure. So come out you fuckwits, and watch!” His response “@Knowledge_Poop People like Him and Kallis are needed to be revered specially when greats like punter are acting all twattilicious.” My response: “@paddlesweep They both are inspiring each other”

“hahha” Bhajji hit 4 to Paul Harris

“THat turned” This one turned. (he turned 2)

“@Knowledge_Poop Harris turned a ball? #apocalypse #rsavind” @MeikoElektra Meiko Georgouras asked

I replied in later tweet @MeikoElektra Shit Happens. 🙂

“K I am feeling hangover without Alcohol”

“@HomerTweets Honor. Btw. You are my top follower as well. So double honor.”

“62 more to go.”

“Btw. I am not tweeting after this test.”

“@Knowledge_Poop oye… only 162 to go… don’t we need lead… ;)” @straightpoint asked

I replied “@straightpoint 62 to go to level it Sir. Real Match Start afterwards. :)”

“This is going to go only one way. Is Par ya us Par #hindi” Steyn was brought back into attack Bhajji was facing.

“OMG US par it went” Bhajji hit a six to Steyn. It was very well connected. The bowl wasn’t short, it was on a good length. Hard to hit those like this so easily.

“It was so beautiful that he started crying” Bhajj got something in his eyes.

“@DaleSteyn62 LOL” Yup, I teased him of seeing Bhajji hitting six to the world best bowler

“@achettup LOL” my response to @achettup’s tweet “oh man… I can see another monkeygate incident coming up at this rate… Sachin and Bhajji together again…”

“@BugsAndBails And he is missing” my response to @BugsAndBails Rahul B  “Did someone notice SRT hasn’t scored for like 15 balls now? Bhajji has climbed to 33, SRT stuck on 134.” He replied “@Knowledge_Poop Yeah. But has been playing for around 300 balls. Seems tired.” I replied “@BugsAndBails He was middling everything before Bhajji got whole lot ofstrike he lost strike and missing.Well He can’t tire,now, lot to play”

“SRT now has more Test hundreds in SA than any other visiting batsman – 5. Hammond and Harvey have 4.” My retweet of cricketingview Kartikeya Date

“@paddlesweep That delivery just beat this one Unplayable.” My response to

@paddlesweep Paddle Sweep’s frustrated tweet seeing scorecard “I am worried about the next generation indian team. WTF Pujara. See you after tea”
The end

I could not watch whole day match.

But this was my Golden Moment of Tweeting and Watching Cricket.

We can forget Tweets and Blogs, but memories are unforgettable.

Thank You India and South Africa for these memories.

Has Bhajji lost his Mojo? When? Where?

14 Nov

From last few years, I have started to give more respect to # of wickets more important than average.

Especially, in test match.

Why! Because no-one-cares about average, because I rather like bowlers who give me wickets, which save ample amount of time in test match plus you all-out batsmen early and you can actually win test match.

WOW that was so hard answer to understand.

In ODI T20 yes, it is almost equally important.

But since Test Fever is on, let’s have a look at Bhajji’s performance in last 10 years.

I am not going to compare him to other teams, because I want to point out the importance of Harbhajan in India’s #1 position.

Last 10 years;spanmax1=14+Nov+2010;spanmax2=14+Nov+2010;spanmin1=14+Nov+2007;spanmin2=14+Nov+2000;spanval1=span;spanval2=span;team=6;template=results;type=bowling

Last 5 years;spanmax3=14+Nov+2010;spanmin3=14+Nov+2005;spanval3=span;team=6;template=results;type=bowling

Last 3 years;spanmax3=14+Nov+2010;spanmin3=14+Nov+2007;spanval3=span;team=6;template=results;type=bowling

Last 2 years;spanmax3=14+Nov+2010;spanmin3=14+Nov+2008;spanval3=span;team=6;template=results;type=bowling

Last 12 Months;spanmax3=14+Nov+2010;spanmin3=14+Nov+2009;spanval3=span;team=6;template=results;type=bowling

Now, if you see # of wickets Bhajji leads the way till last 2 years.

Now, let’s have different analysis.

Let’s forget his 2000/2001 Turbanator Performance for a second.

After that, few terrible series, in Zim, Lanka, and in SA(only one test)

He took 13 wickets against England, 12 wickets against Zim, 14 wickets against WI, 12 wickets against Eng., 20 wickets against WI, 5 wicket against NZ (bad), 6 wickets against NZ (Bad), 21 Wickets against Aus (He is back), 13 wickets against SA, 4 wickets against banglasesh (not great, but he didn’t have to bowl long), 10 wickets against Pakistan, 6 wickets against Zim, 14 wickets against Srilanka, …

wait wait wait I am doing donkey work right now I suddenly found out this stat

A series wise stat.;spanmax1=16+Nov+2010;spanmin1=27+Feb+2001;spanval1=span;team=6;template=results;type=allround;view=series

Now, these are not 5 test series like ashes. There are not even 4 test series. All of them are either 2 or 3 tests.

If you look at the stat for new comer Ohja in last 1-2 year he has very much same number of wickets as Bhajji, and even not so great average.

If you look at economy of Bhajji, its decent as expected for a spinner.

Now, he is no Swann. A new star of Great English Side. (Sarcasm there for My Aussy friends)

But who was Swann before 2008? He debut in Test Cricket in 2008. And right now its 2010.

I don’t want to take any thing away from funny man Swann. He is talented. But he is newbie in test cricket.

I don’t even want to mention what ever Bhajji is doing with the batting. But I think compare to other Indian bowlers, I don’t think Bhajji has done that bad after Turbanator performance.

I mean I am no fan of Bhajji’s ‘on purpose’ deeds, but clearly on cricket analysis. He had a terrible tour in Srilanka thats about it. Even Zak has ‘recently’ gained more wickets than Bhajji (last 12 months) but his 2nd bowling partners new comer Ohja has done the same thing as Bhajji.

I mean it looks great and it feels so good sledging bhajji’s performance, because he, himself is the biggest sledger around.

Do that. I don’t have any problem with that. Tell him what ever you want.

But when people starts to get serious, that he is over rated bowler. Its time for his retirement. He hasn’t contributed anything in Indian Cricket after Kolkata 2001. Its time for him to get dropped. Then, it always amuses me. If someone else, some other bowlers in team is doing better than him then hey sure.

Tell him you are useless attention seeker and we don’t need you in team.

But no-one has done enough. No-one has taken enough wickets compare to him. No-one has taken enough match winning wickets than him.

Because I think taking wicket at particular time in test match, decides if you are winning test match or not.

I don’t want to mention how is his ODI performances or # number IPL matches he played.

Or I don’t want to mention his slapping of Sree (btw. who was Sree before slap-gate ? ! )

If we are talking about Test Cricket. Then, I rate importance of Bhajji in India being top test team is as important as any Top performer of team, if not more.

It feels great to not like him, or I can write 1000’s of funny hate sarcastic articles, and show my love for him. But when people get serious and forget the past performances like

hmmmm let’s see 6 and 4 wickets against NZ in 2009, 4 wickets against Lanka in 2009, 5 wickets against SA in Feb 2010, 4 wickets against Aus. recently, and 4 wickets against NZ just now, I didn’t say anything about Batting.

But thats 5-6 test winning wickets in like 2 years.

Now, please someone genius try to explain me how Bhajji is losing his Mojo compare to other Indian bowlers ?

I might be missing something. Or I don’t watch English Premiere League, so may be I am dumb.

But when and where Bhajji is losing his Mojo ? Please, explain.

PooPy Pitch Again ! WTF

9 Nov

I am tired of hearing shit about India not deserving #1 Spot in Test Cricket.

I do believe there is lot of talent in Team. I don’t want to say talent about Batting, because we all know Batting goes all the way till Bhajji.

Sehwag, Ghambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Raina, Dhoni and stand by Pujara and Vijay. Enough Said.

Often India is being sledged as a PooPy bowling attack.

It is because none of the Indian bowlers have “Flamboyant” Type of personality. On other words, the ability to Run a roller over opponents kind of thing. Zak comes close since he did quite against Bangladesh.

But why does it look this way!

I said it before if you are in heat like this in India, or subcontinental heat. Then, either, You need to take wickets in first hour by swinging like crazy with decent pace, or seaming like crazy with pacy pace, or Turning like crazy from day 3.

Commentators are saying Pitch is Road. Twitter feed from respected Cricket analyst are saying Pitch is poopy. Fans can see pitch is poopy. Batsmen are saying pitch was easy to bat. Captains are saying pitch was hard to bowl on. Coaches are saying the pitch wasn’t excellent to get 20 wickets.

And recently Bhajji said this,

“Hats off to this guy (Martin) for he bowled his heart out on this flat wicket. For me he is the Man of the Match; to take five wickets on this pitch was something really special. …. The lifeless pitch was reason why India decided not to declare and push for the win. Daniel [Vettori] bowled 35-36 overs to take two wickets. And you saw the replays of them to see what sort of decisions they were. There was nothing in the pitch. We made the right decision of not declaring.”


I don’t understand the logic.

The pitches against Australia were excellent 5 days pitch to be honest. And I heard they weren’t rolling heavy rollers in between days. On 4th and 5th day on series against Australia it was turning and thank Zak that it was reversing.

Then why not make turning pitch.

I don’t know if Indian Cricket team is fine with the sledging by few non-indian Cricket fans, that India has long way to go to prove they have gained supremacy in test cricket. I don’t care if they are fine with that sledge. But I am not fine with it. I don’t care about 5 days 4 days or what ever days of play.

I want to see Indian bowlers are being provided with enough weapons to help them take wickets comfortably. Ohja was turning whole lot even with poopy pitch like this. Imagine him turning on dust bowl of Mumbai we saw in the past. Bhajji has been struggling to gain his ‘Turbanator’ cliche. Then why not help them out. Last thing, I want to see bowlers getting injured before they play SA.

I just don’t understand the logic, that if everyone has problem with pitches like this. Then, why not get rid of it! What are we waiting for. Its not like Indians have hard time playing spin.

Are we afraid that opponents will be bowl out cheaply and test match will be over in 3 days.

Then be it.

I do understand that competition is increasing. And seeing burst out emergence of newbie from ‘retirement phenomena’ Murali, Warne, Kumble, etc. and every bowler who are trying to replace them are working hard to become next SPIN king. And also since increased competition bowlers tend to focus on batting to retain their place in the side.

But then, is it better to provide proper back-up to bowlers or its better for them to become batting all rounder ?

It can work in ODI or T20 but it doesn’t work in Test.

I am OK with the draw test, if team have competed well, and it was close ending, with enough support from pitch.

But seeing Poppy pitch again after Lanka’s poopy pitch on 2nd test, I got angry.

I was like ohh not again.

I don’t want fear from Captains like this that ‘hey with pitch like this, what if they chased down’. It just looks stupid.

Then, of course people have clear cut excuse that India is struggling to show their Supremacy being on Top.

I mean it is your home, make a dust bowl. or Crazy bouncy, Spongy whatever pitch, and try to run over opponents.

I don’t care if people say India makes turning pitch to support their spinners, so be it. Everyone does it.

But pitch like this, and assuming bowlers to take 20 wickets. Its like asking for transportation money from donor, when you are about to receive kidney, and there is get to gather thanking party for Donor.

I mean please don’t do that India. It looks awkward, stupid, silly and poopy.

If this persist, then I am going to start campaign. #saveindianbowlers


Get well soon, BCCI, Indian Curators.


Who is this Debutant ?

27 Oct

I don’t know what Cricket analysts and Writers are doing these days !!

They are busy picking best XI, and looking for old talented cricketers. But no-one is talking about new recent debutant ? What about the player who worked so hard to get in to side? What about player who made India win many matches for last 3 years !

I mean give this young guy where its due now. Everyone is talking about  some old guy who scored many runs for India and have scored most amount of World Cup runs and highest of centuries and all that. But hey, he is old guy. He tried his best to win World Cup for India, but he couldn’t for India.

But what about this new debutant !! He is young. Energetic. Looks good in technique. And he recently won many matches for India. Not only in Test but one-day too.

So, here I am writing on this new comer debutant. Who started showing he can be great batsman, if he continues to bat like this for at least 10 years.

That was his first match.

He played decent for a debutant, scoring as much as another great senior Ganguli.;type=series

He played very vital first inning in first test match, unfortunately, India lost series.

After that, that Debutant have played 31 Test match and scored 3090 test match runs, with 12 centuries, with 65.74 average. Now thats very impressive for a debutant scoring consistently for 3 years. And not only that he has scored runs in ODI, as well. He has scored 1895 runs in 40 ODI with 54.14 avg. Now, that is very impressive for a youngster to be able to do that in both formats. I hope he plays IPL as well, I wonder who will auction him ! And for how many $ !

If India needs to win next world cup, this young person must fire with other youngsters like Raina, Kohli, Ishant Ghambhir etc. with support from senior players like Sehwag, Dhoni, Yuvi, Bhajji, Nehra and Zak.

India also plays Nz. and SA before world cup, it will be really great practice for him to get to play few tough bowlers in foreign condition like SA. He did decent against them in his debut series. Let’s see if he can continue his form, so selectors can pick him for world cup squad.

I want him to get picked for coming world cup. I see him scoring lots of runs for India. He seems to be future of India. After retirement from that old guy, I think India must look forward to this new talent.

India finally looks like finding a proper technique filled batsman, but I don’t want to hype him and jinx him. I know he can learn a lot from few seniors like Dravid, Laxman, and Sehwag. I am sure he must have been asking them lot of question how to handle crazy Indian fans. They must have been giving this youngster lot of advices, how to handle a pressure with media questions and all that. He can learn a lot from these seniors. Looks like MSD trust him as well.

Its sad that youngster wasn’t available for 96 and 2003 world cup to bat with Sachin Tendulkar, who was one of the greatest Indian batsman. If this youngster was found earlier to bat with likes of Sachin, Azhar , Sidhu, Sehwag, Dravid, Srinath, Kambli, Kumble than I am sure India would have won both of the world cups. Imagine Sachin and this debutant batting together against any bowling attack. They would have ruled all bowlers. And won lot of matches for India.

Well, sometimes you can’t get everything what you want. So, I am being optimistic and wishing this youngster a great success on his career. By looking at his fitness, I think he can go long way.

Harbhajan – The Gorilla

10 Oct

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Bhajji is the Gorilla