PooPy Pitch Again ! WTF

9 Nov

I am tired of hearing shit about India not deserving #1 Spot in Test Cricket.

I do believe there is lot of talent in Team. I don’t want to say talent about Batting, because we all know Batting goes all the way till Bhajji.

Sehwag, Ghambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Laxman, Raina, Dhoni and stand by Pujara and Vijay. Enough Said.

Often India is being sledged as a PooPy bowling attack.

It is because none of the Indian bowlers have “Flamboyant” Type of personality. On other words, the ability to Run a roller over opponents kind of thing. Zak comes close since he did quite against Bangladesh.

But why does it look this way!

I said it before if you are in heat like this in India, or subcontinental heat. Then, either, You need to take wickets in first hour by swinging like crazy with decent pace, or seaming like crazy with pacy pace, or Turning like crazy from day 3.

Commentators are saying Pitch is Road. Twitter feed from respected Cricket analyst are saying Pitch is poopy. Fans can see pitch is poopy. Batsmen are saying pitch was easy to bat. Captains are saying pitch was hard to bowl on. Coaches are saying the pitch wasn’t excellent to get 20 wickets.

And recently Bhajji said this,

“Hats off to this guy (Martin) for he bowled his heart out on this flat wicket. For me he is the Man of the Match; to take five wickets on this pitch was something really special. …. The lifeless pitch was reason why India decided not to declare and push for the win. Daniel [Vettori] bowled 35-36 overs to take two wickets. And you saw the replays of them to see what sort of decisions they were. There was nothing in the pitch. We made the right decision of not declaring.”


I don’t understand the logic.

The pitches against Australia were excellent 5 days pitch to be honest. And I heard they weren’t rolling heavy rollers in between days. On 4th and 5th day on series against Australia it was turning and thank Zak that it was reversing.

Then why not make turning pitch.

I don’t know if Indian Cricket team is fine with the sledging by few non-indian Cricket fans, that India has long way to go to prove they have gained supremacy in test cricket. I don’t care if they are fine with that sledge. But I am not fine with it. I don’t care about 5 days 4 days or what ever days of play.

I want to see Indian bowlers are being provided with enough weapons to help them take wickets comfortably. Ohja was turning whole lot even with poopy pitch like this. Imagine him turning on dust bowl of Mumbai we saw in the past. Bhajji has been struggling to gain his ‘Turbanator’ cliche. Then why not help them out. Last thing, I want to see bowlers getting injured before they play SA.

I just don’t understand the logic, that if everyone has problem with pitches like this. Then, why not get rid of it! What are we waiting for. Its not like Indians have hard time playing spin.

Are we afraid that opponents will be bowl out cheaply and test match will be over in 3 days.

Then be it.

I do understand that competition is increasing. And seeing burst out emergence of newbie from ‘retirement phenomena’ Murali, Warne, Kumble, etc. and every bowler who are trying to replace them are working hard to become next SPIN king. And also since increased competition bowlers tend to focus on batting to retain their place in the side.

But then, is it better to provide proper back-up to bowlers or its better for them to become batting all rounder ?

It can work in ODI or T20 but it doesn’t work in Test.

I am OK with the draw test, if team have competed well, and it was close ending, with enough support from pitch.

But seeing Poppy pitch again after Lanka’s poopy pitch on 2nd test, I got angry.

I was like ohh not again.

I don’t want fear from Captains like this that ‘hey with pitch like this, what if they chased down’. It just looks stupid.

Then, of course people have clear cut excuse that India is struggling to show their Supremacy being on Top.

I mean it is your home, make a dust bowl. or Crazy bouncy, Spongy whatever pitch, and try to run over opponents.

I don’t care if people say India makes turning pitch to support their spinners, so be it. Everyone does it.

But pitch like this, and assuming bowlers to take 20 wickets. Its like asking for transportation money from donor, when you are about to receive kidney, and there is get to gather thanking party for Donor.

I mean please don’t do that India. It looks awkward, stupid, silly and poopy.

If this persist, then I am going to start campaign. #saveindianbowlers


Get well soon, BCCI, Indian Curators.



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